10 Great Things about Working for Yourself

If you know that the corporate world is not for you, despite the benefits that it can offer in terms of job security and attractive pay, it’s possible that you are better suited to professional life as an entrepreneur.

There’s no doubt that initially, having to make decisions and implement strategies to advance your business can be daunting when you are doing it alone. However, there is a host of benefits that can come with working in this way and these are benefits on offer in the short and longer term.

So, what are some of the best things about working for yourself?

Support when you want it

If you work for yourself but have a franchise business, you will probably have access to some incredible support and assistance from the franchising company. For example, companies such as Telcoinabox have impressive systems in place to support franchise owners and assist them to develop a strong and lucrative enterprise.

You are your own boss

For so many, being your own boss is the most appealing thing about working for yourself. As your own boss, you are not answerable to anyone else and can choose how much you do (or do not) work. Equally though, the level of success enjoyed by your business is commensurate with the amount of time, attention and care you invest.

You set your own salary

As your own boss, you also have the freedom to decide how much you will pay yourself. It goes without saying that if your business is bringing in plenty of money, you can pay yourself a higher wage, and when things go particularly well, you can also award yourself a bonus.

Working from home

Depending on the type of business that you have, the option to work from home may be available. Not only is this incredibly convenient, it also presents the opportunity to enjoy cost and time savings. In fact, when you work for yourself, and work from home, there is a good chance that you will use your time more efficiently.

There is no risk that your employment will be terminated

Particularly in grim economic times, people are concerned that their employment will end if targets are not satisfied. As your own boss, you will not terminate your own employment, but you will need to take every action possible to guarantee the success of your business. If you do not, you will probably find yourself going back to work for someone else.

Flexible arrangements

As your own boss, you typically have the opportunity to use your time flexibly. This is especially attractive to parents who need to drop off and pick up children during standard working hours.

You can spend time on the aspects of the business that matter most

When you work for yourself, you are the person who decides on the areas of the business that are the most important. You will make all the important decisions around marketing and preferred products, and will also decide where business funds will most profitably be allocated.


It is quite common for people who are working for themselves to grow in confidence as they make decisions and ensure that work is pushed through, without having it subjected to the criticism and approval of their boss. Many people respond well to taking charge and answering only to themselves.

Formulating your own work schedule

When you work for yourself, you determine the pace at which work will be done. There is no longer a need for you to meet the deadlines that your manager has set. Ultimately, this arrangement can significantly reduce stress.

Issues with implementation are eliminated

As your own boss, you can get on with the work when you have decided on the project that will be completed for a client. There are no hold ups for meetings, approvals and decisions about next steps.

Responsibility is yours

When you are your own boss, you have responsibility, and this can be both an advantage as well as a disadvantage. When you take full and complete responsibility, you are in a position to guarantee that work will be delivered as agreed and within the timeframe you have promised.

There is a lot to like about working for yourself. Of course, working in this way has significant responsibilities and demands, but if you are committed and motivated, being your own boss can be a great working arrangement.