3 Essential Items for a Russian Business Trip

A business trip to Russia is an extraordinary event but, to get the most out of it, it is vital that you are fully prepared for the journey. Below are three items that you must remember to pack if you want your trip to be a successful one. For help in planning your journey or for tailored advice, specialist companies like Corporate Traveller can help to plan the business trip for you so you can focus on sealing the deal. For your side of the preparations, read on and see if you’re ready to do business in Russia.

Business Cards

They may seem trivial, but business cards are very important in Russia. They are always exchanged during business meetings, and it is a sign of your preparation and understanding of Russian culture if you show up prepared.

If you really want to wow your clients, plan ahead and have your business cards printed double-sided, with one side translated into Russian. This shows courtesy, planning and dedication, and will be very well-received. Just make sure you don’t print too many, and have someone who is fluent in Russian triple-check them before you go.

Make sure when you do exchange business cards that it is done politely and is not a flippant action. The act of exchanging business cards is very important in Russian business culture, so don’t unintentionally diminish the gesture by casually handing a card over as you walk out the door.

Dark-Coloured Corporate Clothing

Not only does Russia have a very unique climate for which you must plan, but there is a very specific dress code expected of business professionals. Russians believe that light or bright coloured clothing indicates a lazy, unreliable business attitude, so ensure you have plenty of dark-coloured suits, shoes, ties (for men), and skirts rather than pants (for women) for your meetings. If in doubt, overdress and opt for dark, unpatterned clothing.

Some Gifts

Packing some gifts to exchange in business meetings can help to improve your influence or connections with your Russian clients. If you can provide something that is difficult to find in Russia, this is considered particularly thoughtful. Spend time selecting the right gifts and you may find your business interactions go a little more smoothly.

To make sure you are well-prepared for your exciting business trip, there are one or two more social tips to remember. Learn as much of the Russian language as you can. They will appreciate the effort, and you may find it much easier to achieve results, both in business and in the rest of your travels there. Also take time to get to know their culture. Russians are very proud of their arts and literature, and you will gain their respect by taking an interest and being able to discuss it.

Have you visited Russia for business? What was the most essential travel item you brought with you? In the comments below, share your best tips for doing business in Russia with other professionals who might be heading that way soon.