3 Ways to Reach Consumers Offline

Most marketing plans are heavily focused on online advertising to attract consumers. However, complementing your online presence with an offline message helps you to reach a broader audience and really connect with your consumers. Each strategy builds on the good work the other campaign has already done and helps to build brand awareness and trust. While online marketing is the current darling of the advertising world, offline marketing is by no means dead. Here are three ways to reach your consumers you may not have considered.

1. SMS or MMS Marketing

Not everyone considers SMS marketing an ‘offline’ medium. But it is certainly an option if you are looking to move away from other online marketing possibilities, such as pay-per-click and social media marketing. The beauty of SMS and MMS marketing is you can deliver timely messages direct to your consumer. Make a special announcement, advertise a great promotion or even unleash a teaser of your new product collection – there are endless ideas. There are also agencies that specialise in mobile advertising, such as SMSGlobal, who have their own software packages to support MMS and SMS marketing. Whether you choose to use images or text, keep your message short and on-point for the best results.

2. Charitable Marketing

Aligning your business with a charity is known as charitable marketing. It is a great way of connecting with your community and supporting a cause, as well as aligning your business with a trustworthy brand. Businesses that support charities through financial or labour donations build trust and develop a connection with like-minded consumers. Communicate to your consumers the reason why you have become involved with a particular charity – it might be because you are personally connected or because it’s a cause you believe in. To make the most of this publicity, send press releases to the local media and have a photographer capture your involvement with the charity events or fundraising, if possible. You can also spread word of your chosen charity’s cause (and your involvement) through marketing materials, in order shipments or through your employees.

3. Old-Fashioned Mail-outs

Is mail really old fashioned? Most people still get excited when a real card or parcel arrives in their mailbox. Receiving something in the post that isn’t a bill? The day just got brighter. If you have a database of customer contact details and a great message, it might be time to consider a mail-out. Create a postcard with your branding front and centre or feature a VIP offer that only mail-out receivers have access to. A QR code can make it simple for your consumer to connect a tangible message with your online marketing. It also allows you to tailor promotions to specific demographics and measure your return on investment.

When it comes to reaching your consumers offline, there are plenty of tried and true methods. Sometimes, taking a step away from your routine marketing programs can net you the best results. It also offers a way to synchronise your messages across many different platforms and see what works best for your demographic.