4 SEO Tips and Tricks for 2014

SEO can be a complex area for those who are embarking on a new adventure in marketing. SEO is difficult, but there are some handy beginner’s tips and tricks that you can utilise in your marketing campaigns.


Image Credit: MKH Marketing via Flickr

You will be an SEO whizz in no time at all!

Tip 1: Title Optimisation

The title is the blue link that appears within the SERPS. When a search engine retrieves this information, the title tag is what appears as a clickable link to the website. Usually, the search engine returns this title due to a particular keyword or phrase. If you are finding all of this rather mind-boggling, use PosiRank for SEO.

So, in order to optimise your title for search engine results, you will need to include keywords. Do be aware of how many keywords that uses within your title. This is called keyword stuffing and carries penalties from search engines. Stick with one or two keywords and keep your title brief.

Tip 2: Images Matter

Having reams of information is all well and good. But, you need to make your content more descriptive. Inserting images into your content is a great way to boost your rankings within search engines. An image is powerful when placed at the beginning of a piece of content. Images capture the eye more than text. This means that users will click on to your website, or content to find out more. This can act as a positive aspect when utilising SEO. Do make sure that the image is relevant to the information.

Tip 3: Write Consistent Content

You do need to bear in mind that while you want to appease the robots that operate search engines, your content should be aimed at humans. Yes, this is commonsensical but many people fail with this approach. Writing consistent content keeps you in the search engines good books. Furthermore, it also provides a valuable tool to readers and visitors of your website. Ensure that you are generating amazing content that can be utilised by humans. Content that is shared via social media platforms is rewarded within search engines. This is a win-win situation for fledgling SEO marketers.

Tip 4: The Need for Video Marketing

Videos are becoming a powerful marketing tool. After all, the human eye is a visual medium. Videos play into this sense of visual meaning. It is important to remember that search engines cannot see your video. With this in mind you need to ensure that the video is optimised so that it can be searchable and retrievable. Metadata is critical. You need to ensure that any videos on your website, or on your social media site, have keywords and descriptions. This will ensure that your content, video or otherwise, is found in a robust way. Search engines can be fickle. You need to play to the rules for maximum optimisation.

SEO need not be an arduous task. In fact, it can be simple when you have the right tool kit at hand. SEO can ensure that any website is found within the search engines results. Utilise these tips and see you web traffic increase.