4 steps to ‘break the ice’ with traditional marketing

We’ve all heard that romantic cliché, “ it was love at first sight,” enough times to drive us all mad. However, as formulaic and rehashed as it sounds—it’s entirely true. If someone doesn’t spark our interest within the first few seconds, our guards go up and we look to move on.  Well, that same concept can be applied to the average consumer as well. Just as we encounter so many people in our lives, we encounter even more marketing content. From the bizarre to the ordinary, from the surprising to the sentimental—marketing content can be applied in just about any context and location you can possibly think of. With so much trying to fancy our interest, or more specifically our wallets, we’ve become numb to turning down the “pick up lines” of marketers without a second’s notice.


As technology advances, digital marketing professionals have even more access to shove content down our financial throats. From giant translucent LED sign boards hovering above our city streets to computerized customer service representatives we can have hour long conversations with, the new age of marketing is upon us, and shows no signs of slowing down. But that doesn’t mean traditional marketing strategies still don’t work today. Good content never goes out of style, and never will.


If you’re an advertiser or small business owner, remember to utilize these timeless elements of marketing, which no matter the time period, promises to grab the interest of your target audience within the first few seconds:


Make us feel special. Customizing your messaging is one of the powerful strategies a marketing professional can use. If your content is too general or broadly channeled, it’s an immediate turn off. For example, personalized email messaging and online ad techniques are among the best ways to attract and keep a consumer. It doesn’t have to be too complicated, either. A simple campaign, such as Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” won over the hearts of millions of consumers around the globe. And to think all they did was put the names of friends and family on the bottle.


Engaging Imagery overpowers engaging text. Too many words are an immediate turn off to consumers. Whether you’d like to believe or not, most people are lazy and scan long messages as an annoyance or insignificant. Convey your message with only a few powerful words, and engaging imagery. If done successfully, you will have a better chance to draw in your audience into reading more content. Before that however, you need an impactful photo, innovative brand style and short wording to spark any interest on a broad level.


Walk the talk. Networking is, and will always be, more effective in person that through another channel of communication. In person networking personalizes you and/or your brand dramatically better because you catch people with their guards down, as they’re not suspecting your influence, allowing you to use you as your greatest advantage.


Make it newsworthy. If one thing never goes out of style, it’s attracting interest through story. People still read the news, no matter the platform. Pitching strong stories, investing in good writing and finding a way to bring something unique to the table always attracts potential business no matter the time period.


Image: https://pixabay.com/en/heartsickness-lover-s-grief-428103/