4 Things You Shouldn’t Do On Your Computer At Work

After using your highly personalised smartphone, tablet or laptop on the train into the office, your work computer can seem a bit dull. It’s only there for a single purpose — the studious execution of your daily workload and nothing beyond that. It can be tempting to spruce it up a little with a few home comforts, but this is almost always a bad idea, now that most employers routinely monitor computers for non-company-related use. Here’s a few things you definitely shouldn’t be doing on your work computer.


  1. No opening weird or unfamiliar emails

While most corporate-level email filters are pretty good at sorting the real emails from the spam and the scams, they’re not completely bulletproof. If you receive an email with a title that seems in any way suspicious, it’s best to not open it at all. If you do open it, be careful not to download any attachments or click on any links, as they may contain viruses. In the event of a virus, don’t attempt to fix it yourself. Speak to an IT professional like Computer Emergency to ensure its complete removal without endangering your machine or data.


  1. No torrenting

As tempting as it may be to save yourself some time and download your favourite TV shows at work to watch on the train home, don’t do it. Not only is torrenting illegal, it could also slow your workplace internet connection down, reducing not only your productivity, but your co-worker’s too. Torrenting is one of the easier things for employers to track, so it’s best to leave it alone.


  1. No games

On the topic of things that can be downloaded, don’t play games on company time. While a game might be a great way to pass the time, you should be looking for something more productive to do. On top of this, chances are your work computer wasn’t built for games anyway so if you do try to run them, you might find they push your computer’s hardware to breaking point — a further expense that your company will have to cover.


  1. No social media (during work hours)

In this age of checking one’s Facebook or Instagram every few minutes for updates, it can be hard to break the habit during work hours. While most workplaces have a relaxed policy on social media, using it too much or being on it when you should be working is still a major no-no. Bathroom and lunch breaks are a great moment to check your social media, but being on Twitter when you’re at your work computer is not a good look.


These are just a few of the things you shouldn’t be doing on your work computer during business hours. What are some of the things you’d recommend avoiding on your work machine? Sound off in the comments below!


Photo credit: izzatFulkrum on Flickr. CC BY 2.0.