5 Awesome Marketing Events For Any Modern Business

When you are marketing your business to people, you need to do more than reach out to them on social media. People tend to believe that a few tweets or status updates are all they need when it comes to marketing. There are many other ways you can reach out to your demographic without even touching a computer. Marketing is about making your brand familiar to your target market. That means that you need to connect with your market on a genuine level. You should get out there and see your customers so that you can make a lasting relationship with them. Here are five awesome marketing events for your business.

Charity fundraiser

A charity fundraiser is a great way to get people talking about your brand. People don’t just want a business; they want a business with a heart. When people see that you care about the community and that you are trying to help others, they will like your company more. Invite your best customers to a charity event and get them to take part in the activities. Doing so will mean that you get to meet your clients on a personal level.

Promotional meal for your clients

If you have some clients that you value, you will want to do everything you can to keep them. Invite your clients for a promotional meal. Nobody likes turning down free food, and so you can be sure that all your clients will come to the meal. Call up a chef recruitment agency and hire some chefs for the event. Make sure that you serve the best cuisine so that you can impress your clients. Once you have your clients together, you can talk to them about new products or services you offer.

Flash mobs

Flash mobs are a modern way of attracting attention for your business. If you are targeting a young demographic, a flash mob will likely win you the right sort of attention. Planning a flash mob might be a little tricky. You will need to recruit dancers and performers to take part in the event. It will take a few weeks of hard training so that you can get your entertainers ready for the event. Make sure that you tell the local press about the flash mob so that they will be there when it happens. At the end of the flash mob, have the entertainers say your company name or hold up your logo. That way you can be sure that people will remember your company.

9605966098_64cd24fb16_zCredit: US Embassy Kathmandu

Blogger meet and greet

Bloggers are a great way to get your message out there without you doing much at all. Bloggers love to review things and companies. If the blogs have a large following online, you could get your message out to loads of different people. Invite some local bloggers to your office for an exclusive event. You can talk to the bloggers about what you do and who you are. Tell them about the message you are trying to convey. Remember to give the bloggers some free gifts. People love talking about the free stuff they got when they write blogs. That means you can ensure that the bloggers will write about you.

Giveaway event

You can attract loads of attention for your company by giving things away in competitions. People love getting free stuff, and so they will enter your competition. Choose something that you want to give away and start promoting it online. Hire a stall in a busy area of town so that you can get people to sign up to the competition. You might also want to get the local media involved by having them sponsor the competition.