5 Ideas For Your Business Website Spring Clean

It is important to carry out a regular assessment of your business website to ensure it is performing as well as it should be. And what better time to do this task than in the season of new beginnings?

When you get around to spring cleaning your professional website, you may find it difficult to know where to begin and what to focus on. To help you with this project, here are five ideas for important improvements you can make to your website this spring.

Idea 1: bring all content up to date

The most logical place to start is with your content. Is it bang up to date? Your customers expect to see the latest information on your products and services on your website, so it is important that you meet this need.

Obviously, you keep the majority of the content up to date on a day-to-day basis. However, there may be sections of your website that you consider more static, but that you must not forget about. These areas may include the “about us” page and the contact details section. Consider whether these pages could benefit from new or additional content.

Idea 2: freshen up the visuals

Updating the look of your website not only keeps it current and interesting, but it proves to your returning visitors that you put care and attention into your site. Have a think about how you can freshen the visuals up. This may be anything from rethinking your entire web design to adding some new high-quality images to your homepage.

Have a look at what your competitors are doing, and use this knowledge as a way to stand apart from them. You may also want to have a general look at effective and creative business websites for ideas and inspiration.

Idea 3: assess the functionality

It is important that your website works correctly. Otherwise, visitors will get frustrated, form a poor opinion of your business and potentially take their business elsewhere. Test all your links, widgets and tools. Make sure you test on a variety of platforms including computers, tablets and smartphones.

You could also take time to ensure your website is accessible to everyone, regardless of disability. Have a look at the web accessibility standards if you are unsure.

Idea 4: consider the tone

The tone your website sets will help form an impression of your business in the minds of your visitors. It’s quite similar to the ambience in a restaurant. While it is important to be professional, most visitors will have a better experience if there is a little light-heartedness here and there. You may wish to keep your tone friendly and informal so that you are having a chat with your customers, rather than bombarding them with facts and figures.

Idea 5: invite feedback from visitors

One of the best ways to understand how you can meet your web visitors’ needs is to ask for their feedback. If you decide to do this, keep it very simple. Most people don’t have time to fill in detailed questionnaires. A rating scale from 1-10 and the ability to leave comments or suggestions in a quick and easy manner will work.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.


Image: Flickr.com