5 Opportunities for Self-Employment

Self-employment was once considered a risky path to walk down. Although it still certainly has its risks, there are now a lot more opportunities and support networks available to get you set up the right way in order to run your own business successfully. If you’re someone that has only ever worked for someone else, but have decided you’d like to try your hand at self-employment, then have a look at the opportunities below to get you started.

1. Bookkeeping

Every business needs someone to manage its financial and administrative processes, but often don’t need to have this employee onsite. Because of this, bookkeeping presents the perfect freelancing and self-employment opportunities. There are also great supports in place such as the Australian Bookkeepers Network to help you get properly set up with a variety of bookkeeping tools and resources readily available to members.

2. Event Planning

If you’re highly organised and love a good party, then consider a career in event planning. The events industry is ideal for those looking to work for themselves, as it’s flexible enough that that you can dictate exactly what type of events you specialise in based on what’s in demand and what your strengths are. You also have more options when it comes to custom-designing events to suit individual clients. Some great ideas include kids parties, wedding planning, music gigs or corporate functions.

3. Cleaning

Cleaning is another great opportunity when it comes to self-employment, as people are always looking for someone else do their ‘dirty work’. Other than the basic supplies, the main thing you should consider investing in to get started is a good quality vacuum cleaner, and some tough cloths. Unfortunately there is no shortage of cleaning businesses out there, but self-employment gives you more room to individualise your business and create a point of difference. For example, you can include minor landscaping, or gardening as part of your cleaning package.

4. Personal Shopper

There are some people that love a good shopping opportunity, but there are others who just don’t have the time to invest in this luxury. So if you love a good shop, then why not help those who can’t do it themselves? This industry can also open up doors to combining your new business with other services. You could do wardrobe or image consulting, or even set yourself up as a personal stylist.

5. Personal Trainer

If you value your health and fitness and want to pass this positive outlook on to other people, then consider starting your own personal training business. Personal trainers aren’t cheap, so people are always on the lookout for affordable options, or sessions that they are really going to get their money’s worth out of. To help your business stand out, consider incorporating additional services such as food coaching.

It is a lifelong dream for many people to be able to work for themselves, but unfortunately for most, it stays nothing more than a dream. To avoid falling into this pattern, find sought-after, flexible industries such as the ones above to get you on your feet quicker.

What is your dream job? Is it something you could start your own business in? Discuss your answers below.