5 Reasons to Invest in Good Shopfitting

There’s no denying that today’s retail markets are fiercely and unforgivingly competitive. To give your business the competitive edge, attract customers, and secure their loyalty, good shopfitting is critical. It pays to focus on your store’s layout and aesthetics – no one wants to browse in a shop that is visually unattractive, illogically set out, dated or dirty.

There are many good reasons to invest in quality shopfitting. Here are just 5 of them.

1. Build Your Brand and Increase Your Sales

Experienced and successful shopfitters, such as Tu Projects, fully appreciate the difference that signage, layout, design and fixtures can make to your brand and your business’s bottom line. Beautiful, high-quality shopfittings say a lot about your company’s approach and commitment to quality. They can influence customers to develop and maintain positive feelings towards your brand and store or, conversely, to feel that your business sacrifices quality and is cheap and inferior.

2. Draw in Customers and Encourage Them to Stay Longer

Excellent retail design and impressive shopfittings not only draw shoppers to your store; they also help to keep them there to see and purchase more. The environment of your store should appeal to the senses of your customers and be a clean, welcoming place that fits with the type of merchandise available for sale or the services you offer.

3. Feature Products and Connect with Customers

In retail and many other businesses, effective product promotion is key. The layout and fittings within your shop should create spaces for promotion where you are able to feature products and meaningfully connect with your customers. Try not to only think about shopfittings in terms of immediate sales; the design and layout of your store must include promotional spaces so that customers are introduced to products that they will hopefully return to buy.

4. Choose a Design for Your Store That Matches Your Stock

It is not only important to invest in good shopfittings; the ones you choose must also be well matched to the type of products that you offer. In essence, the shelves, lights and cabinets that you use should capitalise on your layout, the products you offer and how you want to present these to your customers. Shelves and racks should be positioned in a way that maximises the flow of customer traffic through your shop. Popular patterns for store layout include: grids, geometric arrangements, diagonal lines and strategically-used angles.

5. Focus on Functionality

The investment in good shopfitting is well worth it if the shopfittings also support the functional requirements of your business and the people who move through your store. Your store should always be maintained in a clean, well-ordered and logically organised manner. Avoid clutter and crowding. It’s also a great idea to commit to changing your fixtures regularly and rotating your stock. Regular rearrangement of your shop will help to maintain its organised, fresh and clean feel.

When thinking about functionality, you should also consider measures to reduce shoplifting, promote accessibility for all, and ensure that your store is a healthy and safe place where the risk of slips, trips and falls is minimised.

Good shopfitting is an important investment for businesses and one that can immediately translate to improved business performance and profitability.