5 Reasons your Business should Consider Shelving Solutions

Having your own business can be really rewarding. However, there are so many things to take care of when navigating through the maze that is your own business. Logistically, you need to be in control in every aspect. In order to gain this control, and have your business running efficiently, you can start by physically organising your office space. Whether large or small, here are five reasons your business should consider shelving solutions.

1. Easier Access

The last thing you and your employees need is to have to go to all kinds of trouble just to access some documents or equipment. You need to be able to find everything you need with ease. There are plenty of options for shelving/storage and many companies, like Elbowroom, can help you with whatever your business needs are. There’s open and closed systems, and you can find starter, archive and add-on units to accommodate documents or items in all shapes and sizes.

2. Reduce Floor Space

Clever storage usually means that less room is taken up in terms of floor space. Stackable trays and multi-tiered shelves ensure you store items upwards rather than across, saving you a lot of space on the floor. Mobile shelving systems enable you to move your items when needed, and makes things a whole lot easier if you ever relocate. Everyone will be able to move freely and safely around the space!

3. Better Security

Most businesses need their documents to stay confidential and secure, for the sake of the business and its customers or clients. These days, there are numerous options for secure storage – document security crates are just one such option. They’re lockable plastic crates that have built-in tracks so your files are stored just as they would be in a filing cabinet, only in an easily moveable crate! There are also plenty of lockable cabinets available too.

4. Greater Efficiency

A lot of precious time can be wasted by your staff searching high and low for documents or other items that have been misplaced or are simply stored in a way that doesn’t make sense! With a myriad of options like high-rise, box or mobile storage, you’ll reduce the time it takes finding the things you need, and therefore reach your intended results sooner!

5. Reduce your Carbon Footprint

The time for new-age materials is here! Some companies are very conscious about the plastics used in their products. UV stabilisers that help to prevent breakdown mean you don’t have to keep replacing your storage products, which reduces landfill. Recyclable plastic or products manufactured with recycled plastic is another advantage, as are plastics that don’t contain unsafe dyes or other questionable materials.

Working your way through the logistics of running a business can be easily done when you have shelving solutions that help rather than hinder your work environment. With a plethora of options available now, your business will run smoothly and efficiently, and you’ll wonder how you ever got by without them!