5 Ways Digital Marketing Has Changed The Business World

We’ve all heard of digital marketing, but what is it? That’s a pretty good question. Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer. Digital marketing is a very broad medium already, even if in relative infancy compared to physical marketing. What digital marketing is, isn’t important. What’s really important is how it has changed the business landscape forever. Here’s how.


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It’s The Prototype Of The Future

With our lives becoming connected to the internet in greater and greater ways, digital marketing is at some point going to overtake physical marketing. With all of our devices being internet-enabled, there’s going to be a point where digital and physical marketing merge. It will make conventional marketing as we know it obsolete. This may not happen for another twenty years. By getting a business invested in digital marketing now, they stand to benefit from that experience in the future.

Easily Outsourced

You can find a digital marketing company just about anywhere. They spring up almost overnight in some cases. Keeping marketing staff in-house makes sense in a few situations. For instances like search engine optimisation though, you can outsource that. Outsourcing is most often cheaper than running a team in-house. It’ll save your business money, but it’ll also provide an enormous benefit to your company. All through search engines referring back to your website.


If physical advertising were to change tomorrow what would you do? There would be panic in the streets from businesspeople everywhere. Digital marketing involves some core skills applicable across the entirety of the internet. Almost everything developed online is iterative. This means even if something new suddenly appears, it is most likely based on something else before it. What that means is that you can easily adapt and utilise it.

A good example of this is streaming video content. Streaming video content is based on the same technological principles as streaming music. Once the technology and internet speeds advanced enough, streaming video was born. The same theory can apply to marketing.

Emphasis On Multimedia

Multimedia is great. Grabbing the attention of an audience can be strongly based on the format. Despite no information being different, some people may watch a video advertisement rather than read a text excerpt. So what does mixed media have to do with digital marketing? Well, because the internet can roll several of these media into one space.

You can read online. You can watch online. You can listen online. You can’t do all of these individually or together on anything else. Not in the way that puts emphasis on the marketing aspects anyway.

You wouldn’t ask someone to read an advert on television. You wouldn’t ask someone to watch a radio ad.

It’s Already Mainstream

Digital marketing as we know it today didn’t exist until a few years ago. Since then so many big business players have caught on and are using it. If that’s not an indication that it’s here to stay, I don’t know what is. It only took a few short years to catch on. That’s how effective it is.