5 Ways to Increase Work Productivity

With only so many hours in an average work day, good time management is of paramount importance. There are many ways to give work output a lift and many of them boil down to working smarter, not harder. Increasing productivity at work requires a deliberate and calculated apportioning of your time. Here are five ways you can do just that.

1. Promote synergy

They say many hands make light work. The reason they keep saying this is because it’s true. Employees that know what they’re doing, communicate well and fulfil their role to the best of their abilities is a team of staff members that gets the job done. If you’re convinced your team could fit this description but aren’t sure how to get them there, consider a team building workshop run by someone like Predictable Success. Programs like these are perfect for managers looking to improve their leadership skills and maximise productivity.

2. Motivation

Lack of motivation is one of the biggest blights on the modern workplace. With so many systems and responsibilities given to staff, people start to spread themselves too thin and lose interest in their work, slowing productivity. Offer incentives to staff for hitting targets and solving problems within the business. Rewards can be anything from gift cards to certain stores or movie tickets.

3. No more meetings

Nothing derails a workday quite like a meeting. Studies have shown that the average office employee spends 31 hours every month stuck in one unproductive meeting or another. Remove any meeting that isn’t absolutely critical from your schedule. In fact, many office meetings can be accomplished via email or phone. This allows everyone to get on with their work without interruption.

4. 90-minute intervals

Research has shown that people who commit to no more than 90 minutes of work at a time are more productive than those who attempt to work for longer periods. These short breaks between each work period allow them to refocus on their next task by stretching their legs, getting the blood moving, making a coffee or going to the bathroom. Contrary to what many corporate doctrines expect, taking a break is pretty good for you.

5. Nice view

Any ergonomics expert will tell you that the best thing you can do for your mind in an office is to place your desk so that it is next to or faces a window. Far from being distracting, a view is inspiring and gives you something nice to look at while your brain runs calculations. If you’ve only got a boring old wall to look at, don’t worry. Spruce it up with some decorations that make you feel more comfortable and at home.

These are just a few ways you can increase work productivity in your office. There are quite literally hundreds more. What are your favourite ways to boost productivity? Did you ever have a manager than found a way to motivate you? Share your answers and suggestions by leaving a comment down below!

Photo: Copyright depositphotos.com /kvkirillov