6 Successful Startup Business Ideas

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more popular for people to start their own companies. For many, starting a business from the ground up sounds both exciting and freeing, as they are in control of their own destiny.

Because starting a business is challenging, as it can take an immense amount of time, money, and hard work, it is a wise idea to choose a business avenue that has been proven to be successful.

Here are 6 ideas that are relatively low-cost and have the ability to be extremely profitable:

  1. Information Technology Consultant

With today’s business market being nearly100% reliant on technology, IT consultants are in high demand. This field offers other businesses necessary technological services, such as how to efficiently use IT in a business, including how to manage it, install it, etc. If you are technologically savvy, your expertise could easily help you build a sustainable business, as companies are always in search of a knowledgable IT consultant.

Additionally, as a consultant, you can partner with services, such as Cisco, becoming a Cisco distributor & authorized reseller. These tech industries provide services for networking, internet, and video conferencing, among other services, and as a consultant, you can help provide companies quality products on top of consulting with them.

  1. Accountant

If you have an accounting license, consider being a freelance accountant. Many companies are looking to outsource to various services, as in-house employees like accountants are far more expensive. Because accounting is a need for all businesses, especially during tax season, freelance accounting can be an extremely profitable business. Outline your services and send out a resume to all businesses you believe you would be an asset to.

  1. Business Plan Services

If you have had experience creating successful business plans, offer your services to others looking to start their own business. A business plan is key to maintaining a successful business, as it not only provides the business owner with a clear guide of the business’s future, but it also is a resource many investors need when considering whether or not to lend to a startup company. However, many have absolutely no idea how to create a detailed business plan and are often looking to meet with an expert. When meeting with potential clients, provide them with sample plans, including your own. As a startup owner yourself, you can easily persuade clients to use your services if they can see the success of your own plan.

  1. Editorial Services

A business that can easily be done from the comfort of your home office is editorial work. From copyediting to proofreading to ghost writing, editorial services is a big business. All businesses typically have some sort of written content, whether it is marketing related or informative pamphlets, and many businesses cannot afford to hire a permanent copyeditor or copywriter. As a freelance editor, you can work with multiple companies, offering them the tools they need to produce quality content for their business.

In fact, though this business can be a solo entrepreneurship, it has the capacity to expand through the years. As you acquire more clients, you can hire on additional content writers, turning a small business into a widespread success.

  1. Event Planning

Many businesses need an event planner to take care of benefits, galas, large parties, and community events. Additionally, many venues are looking to have a list of event planners they can share with potential clients. This type of business relies on good communication and heavy networking, as you need to have many contacts on hand who you can trust to fulfill the needs of the clients. However, because this business relies on networking, it can grow substantially, for as you promote your contacts with your clients, they will do the same to their clients, helping to double your business.

  1. Financial Planner

This is a great business opportunity, for financial security is something that affects all people. The majority of people, especially those with families, want someone they can trust to be in charge of their finances, taking care of them and their families for the future. It is important to go through the certification process, as it confirms your credibility and expertise on the subject. Those two qualities will help you find and keep clients.

These six business ideas give you the opportunity to have a successful startup.