6 Ways to Make Your Logo Pop

A great logo can be the difference between a memorable business recognised at a glance, or a forgettable business whose name nobody can recall. There are a set of specific rules when it comes to logo design, and you must follow them in order to create something that looks great on branding materials – and of course something that your target audience can remember and recognise! Let’s take a look:

1. Simplicity

The best logos in the world are the ones that can give the viewer a sense of ‘you’ straight away. These logos are often clean and uncluttered – a very simple design! Less is usually more. Fine details can often be lost as logos are used on a variety of platforms and in various formats/sizes, all the more reason to keep things simple.

2. Memorability

A logo should be easy to remember after just a glance. Your logo will usually only get a glance from a viewer, so making it easy to remember after that one look is important. If a person can describe it after glancing at it, then you should be on to a winner. A fussy logo will be difficult for a viewer to understand and will be dismissed without a second thought.

3. A Timeless Design

A modern design is good, put you want your logo to be timeless too! Will your logo look stupid in 5 years? If the answer is yes, you need to rethink your design. A logo that is too trendy will eventually run out of steam and look silly sooner rather than later. Your company will eventually look outdated if you choose something too modern.

4. Proportional and Well Balanced

The best logos are designed with proportion and symmetry in mind. The Apple and Twitter logo are good examples of this. Keeping this in mind will create a pleasing, well balanced logo.

5. Versatility

Your logo is going to be used in a number of ways. Imagine it:

  • On T-shirts, caps, bags.
  • On Pens, keyrings, bottles.
  • On Banners, signs, and displays similar to those from IVC Signs.
  • On black and white backgrounds.
  • Very big, and very small.
  • Next to other company logos.

6. Brand Consistency

Your logo will communicate things to consumers about your brand, so you need to make sure it fits the message and story of your company. Apple’s logo is sleek and futuristic – describing them perfectly! It also gives the impression of being ‘lighter’ and perhaps even ‘friendlier’ than their competitors, which is the exact message they want to convey. How do you want to convey your brand’s characteristics in your logo?

Once you’ve considered the above points, you’ll end up with the perfect logo for your business. It should be simple, memorable, timeless, well balanced, versatile, and suit your brand. It sounds like a big ask, but take inspiration from brands like Twitter, Apple, and Mcdonalds and you’ll go far!

Have you designed a showstopping logo? Leave us a comment!

Image credit: Wesley Vieira Fonseca on Flickr.