7 tips to make your business energy efficient

It’s not just homes feeling the pinch when it comes to rising electricity prices. With the endless technology, climate control and lighting, offices and business are also taking a financial hit. Energy consumption is not only expensive but environmentally taxing, so here are 7 ways to make your business more energy efficient.

Sleep mode

Photocopiers and fax machines are some of the biggest silent energy consumers, particularly at night. The good news is most are now equipped with sleep mode, meaning they virtually shut down until activated, so ensure this feature is turned on to save power consumption. A 15-minute interval until they enter sleep mode is a good rule of thumb, and look for energy efficient options when it comes time to buy electronics.

Shut down

Each night computers should be shut down. This simple initiative can save thousands off your yearly electricity bills and is arguably the easiest way to reduce power usage. Chances are, come 5.30pm somewhere in an office there is a computer idly rotating its screensaver, so turn it off and ask your staff to as well before they go home.

Limit air-conditioners

The cost of cooling and heating your business adds up over the course of the financial year. As in the home, air conditioners should be set to the comfortable temperature of 24 to 25 degrees. To further slash the bills, consider passive cooling like window tinting. Companies such as Energy Efficient Tinting offer some great options for business.

Power boards

There are some great new initiatives when it comes to power saving including power boards that can shut down a number of appliances with a single click, automatically or via remote control. Consider installing these to ensure power isn’t wasted on sleeping computers, phone chargers and laptop leads overnight. Even when they are not charging an item, charger leads use electricity.

Go mobile

By using mobile technology like laptops, you can save the constant power consumption required by desktop computers. The added bonus is your staff can work anywhere anytime, relying on battery power.

Other appliances

Business isn’t all electronics and computers, so turn your attention to other items like refrigerators to cut the power bills. Many an office boasts an old, oversized fridge burning electricity in the tea room. Seek out newer, smaller items with a good energy efficiency rating.

Lights off

Ensuring the office lights are all switched off at the end of the day is a thrifty energy saving measure, but what about those unnecessary lights that run all day long? Timers or automatic lighting in areas like bathrooms can save on power, and encourage the practice of switching lights off when leaving an unoccupied room.

Energy usage accounts for one of the largest expenses for business but it’s an expense that can be curtailed. With a little initiative and some initial outlay, those nasty quarterly electricity bills can be significantly reduced, with the results providing a healthy cash injection for your business bottom line. How do you encourage energy efficiency in your business?