Amazing Tips To Drive Down The Cost Of Your Office Expenses

Do you run your own business? If so, you will doubtless be aware that one of your biggest expenses happens to be your office! The cost of running an office can be quite expensive for some firms.

If you’re fed up of your high office costs, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn how to keep those office expenses under control. By the end of this blog post, you will have the tools you need to save your company a decent amount of money! Here is what you need to know:

Negotiate a better deal on your lease

Is your office lease up for renewal soon? Have you been at your premises for some time now? If so, you will be able to negotiate a better deal on your lease. For example, you could ask for a hefty discount if you agree to stay at the premises for another five years or so.

All building owners will be interested in negotiating the terms of leases. It’s good for them because it means they have a tenant in their premises and a regular source of revenue. And it’s good for you because your rent will be cheaper!

Some office leases can cost a fortune, depending on what part of town you are in. That’s why it’s important to get your lease costs down as much as possible.

Lease your IT equipment

Computers, printers and photocopiers. They are devices that you will find in pretty much any office you go to. The mistake that a lot of companies make is they buy these devices instead of leasing them.

Buying such equipment puts a big dent in your cash flow. And that’s money that could get put to good use elsewhere in the business! Few business owners realize that they can save a lot of cash by renting their IT equipment instead of buying them.

Lease companies are hungry for your custom, so make sure you do your research and only go for a deal that offers the best value for money.

Print your postage stamps in-house

I’ve worked at many offices in the past. Often one worker would have to waste around an hour of their day collecting everyone’s mail and taking it down to the post office. They would then have to queue up and wait to buy postage stamps for each envelope or package.

The smarter way to send mail out is to print your stamps in your office. Websites like allow you to achieve that goal easily and securely.


As long as you have a decent printer, and an Internet-connected computer, that’s all you need!

Be more green

Don’t worry; I’m not suggesting you paint your office green! What I am suggesting is that you make your office more eco-friendly. For instance, replace your light bulbs with energy-saving ones.

They emit the same amount of light but use little electricity in comparison to old incandescent bulbs. Other things you can do include turning off computers at night and investing in energy-efficient IT equipment.

Good luck!