Amazing Ways To Use Imagery In Your Marketing Strategy

When you think about your marketing strategy, how often do you consider imagery? If you are developing online marketing techniques, you should always think about images. The internet is a visual place. You need to use photos and pictures to get people’s attention online. Your text is your substance, but your image is your hook. If you can’t entice people with your hook, nobody will bother to read your text. That means that you could be losing out on customers when you neglect your imagery. Here are some amazing ways you can use imagery in your current marketing strategy.

Getting good quality imagery

Before you do anything, you need to make sure that you have a lot of good imagery. That means that you need to ensure that you get some quality photos. To use imagery to its best, you need to own the copyright to it. That means that you need to take the photos or pay somebody to do it for you. Why not spend a day or two sourcing and taking photographs? Having some original imagery will be a huge help to you. Once you have imagery that you can use, you have new ways to reach people.

Shareable images

Images are extremely shareable. You want people to share your posts and content online so that loads of people hear about your company. People are more likely to share images and videos than they are to share text-heavy content. That means that if you add an image to your post or your article, it will mean that people are more likely to share it. Make sure that your images are current and appropriate. Nobody wants to share poor images. That means that you need to spend some time (or money) ensuring that your photos are top quality.

Stock imagery

Giving your images away for free is a great way to gain more interest in your website. You can gain loads of links to your website if you offer some quality imagery for free. When people use your photos on their blog or online, they will give you credit. That credit will involve a link to your company’s site. The more links you have to your site, the more people will hear about you. Make sure that your images are diverse. Having twenty photos of laptops is not the best strategy. Instead, take photos of a wide range of things so that people will want to use your images.

Using imagery on social media

Integrating photographs into your current social media strategy could make a big difference. People can engage with imagery better than they can text. That is because most people use the internet as a way to procrastinate. It takes seconds to look at an image, whilst it takes much longer to read something. If your social media activity is image-heavy, it means that people can engage with you fast. Marketing companies, like Serp Shake, suggest that you use a wealth and variety of photographs on social media.

7910370882_39d180fb66_zPhoto by Jason Howie

Pinterest and Instagram

When people develop their social media strategy, they often neglect Instagram and Pinterest. Doing so is a huge mistake. These two sites can drive a lot of traffic to your company’s website. Learning to use imagery to your advantage will mean that you have the power to reach out to new customers. People who use Instagram and Pinterest connect with images. If you have interesting or engaging images, people will share them. It takes the user a couple of seconds to share your image on these platforms. All you need to do is grab their attention. Using arty images or motivational quotes, means that people will want to share your posts.