Amazing Ways You Can Make Your Business Green

Green is the new black, or so we are told. Every company wants to be seen as to be taking the helm of their green initiatives. All businesses in 2014 and beyond need to ensure that they are making a conscious effort to be green. Being green is not hard. In fact, there are some great ways that you can make your business more environmentally-friendly.

4385390248_8f86544f14_bSource: Enokson via Flickr

Trash Cans: Don’t Dismiss the Power of Garbage

What do you and your employees throwaway? Do you have a plethora of admin that gets dumped at the end of the day? Food waste is a big one within any office. Wrappers, cans and plastics all need to be got rid of by the end of the working day. Your office needs to make sure that they are the epitome of recycling goodness. A custom trash can ensures that all of your employees are throwing away their rubbish at the end of the day.

Recycling bins that are specially labelled are an active initiative within any venture. Separating your papers and plastics is critical. This is a common sense approach to making your business greener. You can do your bit for the environment every day. You don’t have to bin everything e in one place. Recycling is an excellent way to make sure that you are doing your bit. What is more, it is a simple policy to put in place. Many of your employees will recycle within their own homes. It’s not a big ask to request that your employees recycle within the workplace too.

Energy Saving Initiatives

How can you save energy within your venture? Instead of putting your laptops and devices on standby at the end of the day, you can fully power down. Turning off lights is an excellent way to make sure that you are doing your bit for the earth. What is more, you will save money in the process too. Energy audits are a good way to make sure that you are only using the required amount of energy. This can also see a saving of up to 20% on your energy bills. Savvy and environmentally-friendly? What is not to love about implementing this initiative?

Lighting: It Can Make a Difference

Switching your light bulbs is a great way to cut costs and save the earth. While you may think that one solitary light bulb may not make a difference, you can become an energy saving trailblazer. CFL and LED lights are fast becoming the way to light up our lives and offices. This is because they use less energy than traditional lighting systems. The initial cost may be more compared to other sources, but you will save a lot of energy in the long term. What is more, you will be making sure that your office is not only green, but it is shining a bright emerald colour.

Simple and practical changes are what are needed to make your office a greener environment. Do your bit for mother earth and make your business greener and brighter.