An Awesome Guide To Getting Cheap Office Space

When you’re starting a business, one of your major expenses will be paying for office space. You need to have a great place from which to work, but paying for it means that you are wasting vital money. When you are choosing an office space, you should consider what you need it for and how long you will use it. Will you be using the office space every day? Will you spend much of your time commuting? Knowing just what you want from an office space will help you find the right one to suit you. Here is an awesome guide to finding cheap office space.

Consider sharing office space

If you own a small business, it might not be viable to rent out an entire office. You don’t need to have loads of room when you open your first office. You just need a place where you can work with your staff members. If you only have a few members of staff, you should consider sharing an office with another company. There are likely to be other companies in your situation. That means that someone would be more than happy to share an office space with you. Reach out to other business owners and see whether they want to share an office with you.

Haggle on office prices

When you are looking for office space, don’t be afraid to haggle. Major office blocks and towers have loads of offices to let. That means that they need to find tenants for every room in the block. The people you deal with when you’re looking for a property will work in the sales department of the company. That means that they will need to make several sales a week to keep their job. The salesperson will be desperate to make a sale no matter what the cost. That gives you the upper hand. Haggle with the salesperson and see how low you can get them to go.

Buy a property at auction

Buying a property is superior to letting a property. When you own an office, you have fewer overheads than when you are renting space. You might think that you can’t afford a property, but you are wrong. Buying a property at auction means that you can get a super deal on the property. Make sure you read your auction legal pack before you try and buy a property. You need to know about the rules and your rights before you go to auction.

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Consider working from home

If your business is small, you might want to consider working from home until it’s off the ground. If you have a few employees, they can also work from home, and you can communicate online. There is no need to pay for office space if you don’t need it every day. Instead, save yourself and your business money by doing everything over the internet. Sometimes people get some office space because they think they need to impress people. You will impress more people by being cautious with your money than having an office.

Look for abandoned buildings

If you talk to your local council, you might find that you can strike a deal with them to use an abandoned building as office space. Sometimes the local council will let people use abandoned spaces for free or a small fee. There will be certain rules that come with looking after an abandoned building, but in doing so you will save loads of money in the long run. You will need to make sure that the space is safe. Take a look around your city to see whether there are any buildings that you could use for office space.