An Oldie but a Goodie: Why Traditional Advertising Still Works

With all the focus on digital and mobile in the marketing world in recent years, you could be excused for thinking that the age of traditional advertising mediums like print ads or television and radio commercials is over.
While there’s no denying we are a connected society now, if your business isn’t considering conventional advertising mediums in your marketing mix you may be doing yourself out of potential business.

Read on to find out why traditional advertising still has a place in modern marketing.

Print Offers Impact

By nature, humans are very visual creatures and a creative, well designed advertisement with a clear call to action can really draw your target audience in. A recent study found that when comparing a full page colour magazine to both television and digital banners, the print ad recorded 83% higher levels of exposure and engagement than the others. They found that the magazine ad was more likely to hold the audience’s attention.

People tend to spend more time digesting print media. When reading on a screen, users scroll and tap through rapidly and end up skimming through information. Whereas when holding a newspaper, magazine or other document, reading tends to be at a more leisurely pace which lets them retain more of the information they are absorbing.

Repetition and Consistency Is Essential

Repetition of a strong visual identity has been proven to improve customer recall when it matters most: at the point of sale. An integrated approach to your marketing can make all the difference to your promotional activities. With consistent branding and messaging applied across both traditional and new media platforms, it ensures you are reaching a large audience and achieving maximum impact and from your campaign activity. This is where engaging a full service digital agency like Simple to help you create a cohesive campaign strategy across a variety of platforms and mediums can really help give you tangible, measurable results for your marketing and advertising spend.

The Digital Space Is Cluttered

When consumers go to a major commercial website – for example, a national news page – in addition to multiple headlines and stories, they are also seeing at least ten separate advertising messages before they even decide which article to read. The Facebook news feed offers about the same and it’s so easy for people to just scroll past to get to the content they want to see. If you are relying on digital ads alone to promote your business, you may not be getting quite the ‘reach’ that the analytics and statistics suggest.

As important as it is for brands and businesses to embrace new technologies and mediums, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a case of one or the other – advertising mediums are not exclusive. Choosing the right combination of mediums and applying consistent branding and messaging across them to suit the target audience will yield better return on investment – in fact, to get the best results from a digital campaign, sometimes you need to capture the audience offline first.

Does print advertising still feature in your media mix?