Basic Branding Tips: Effective Ways to Brand Your Company

Brand building in the digital age is becoming ever-more complex. Content, social media and the younger generation all want a company to have the wow-factor. To be relevant, on-trend and, dare we say it, fashionable, this is the only way to ensure that you are achieving maximum success.

Brand building forms part of your marketing efforts. Building a brand is critical. This is even more apparent with the onset of the digital age. We are well and truly in the thick of the digital era. Let’s face it; the internet is going nowhere, fast. You need to ensure that you are building a brand that your customers can trust.

For the average marketer, this can be a difficult balance to achieve. But, these tips will ensure that you are branding your company in an effective way.

Customer Engagement: Is it Time to Leave Social Media?

In short no. You should never leave social media.  But, are you focussing all off your energy into social media? You need to engage with customers where your competitors do not. It may be time to revert to retro-methods of marketing. Is it time to pull out the printed, offline material? Printed material certainly has a place in the hearts of the general public. With this in mind, you need to ensure that you are not only engaging with consumers in public, but also in private too.

Printed material is the best way to do this. Cut your costs and do this in-house using a digital embossing machine. You don’t have to spend a fortune to engage with your customers. All too sadly, marketers are focusing on customer engagement in public. This can seem like companies are showboating. The private domain, however, needs to be utilised too. Speak to your customers face to face, where possible. Answer the phone. Don’t hide behind email. Send out printed material.

5990712328_ef90a6fd97_zWith thanks to Derek Gavey for the image

Relatable and Likeable: What Does Your Brand Image Say About You?

Your brand image has to be likeable. You need to have a relatable presence too. You need to be hip, happening and have your finger on the pulse. You also need to be predictable and comfortable, like a good old pair of slippers. Confused yet? You should be.

Your demographic wants you to be relevant, but they also want you to be relatable. This is a delicate balance to achieve. Don’t leave people guessing what your company is about. Tell them. Promote it. Shout it from the rooftops. Have an instantly likeable brand that is recognisable, but also conveys what you are about. Yes, this will take time, but it’s worth it.

Be Innovative: Move with the Times

Ask Blockbuster about innovation. They simply refused to move with the times and, as a result, their business is obsolete. The sad thing is, with innovation, they could have rivalled Netflix. They chose not to.

In order to remain on top, you need to move with the times. Embrace technology. Look at your market. How does it work?

Are there new advances in your industry? Spend some time researching them. Look at what your competition are doing and make it better. It’s not hard. Innovation is a simple strategy, but it can guarantee that you are in business for the long term.