Branding 101: The Ultimate Guide For New Company Owners

Ask any successful entrepreneur to tell you about the most-important aspects of business, and they’re guaranteed to put branding at the top of their list. Research shows that how you present your company to the world can have a huge impact on the response you receive. You could have the best and most-desirable product imaginable, but you’re never going to make a killing if you don’t package your firm properly. Once you have decided on all the standard branding elements you’re going to use, it will make sense for you to carry them over into all your marketing and promotional efforts. You need to become familiar to the public, and that is the best way of reaching that point.

Designing your logo

Your logo should say something about your business. It needs to contain images and lettering that accurately represent what you’re about. If you’ve started a retail company, your logo should appear friendly, inviting and trustworthy. If you’ve started a firm offering business advice, you should aim to present a professional image with your logo. Don’t try to design this in-house unless you have people on your team with lots of experience. You’ll do much better by employing the services of a few specialist companies and choosing from the designs they create for you.

Choosing your colours and fonts

Colours and fonts can be some of the main components to your branding that help people to recognise your company. For that reason, you want to use the same ones throughout. Soft shades and fonts tend to represent a relaxed and calm business that has everything under control. Bold type and colours often create a feeling of professionalism and superiority. You just need to think about the message you want to put across. Try to use the same schemes for all your advertising and promotional efforts, as well as your online presence.

Protecting your branding  

If you’ve come up with original terms, phrases or slogans when designing your branding, it will be a good idea for you to trademark them. That will help to stop others from coming along and stealing your ideas. Once you’ve settled on your branding, you should perform a London IP trademark check UK at the earliest possible opportunity. You do that to ensure you haven’t inadvertently stolen someone else’s ideas. The last thing you want is to end up in court because the proper checks weren’t made.

Promoting your brand

The first thing you need to do when promoting your brand is build a good quality website. After that, you can start creating materials like posters, flyers and leaflets. Opening social media accounts if a good idea if the bulk of your sales will come from people online. You might even wish to invest in some TV advertising. Just make sure all of your promotional efforts include the same schemes you’ve used for everything else.

You should now be in the best position to start working on branding within your business. No matter what your concept might be, effectively dealing with this issue could vastly increase the number of sales you achieve.

Good luck!

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