Business Travel: How To Stay Fit On The Road

Travelling for work is one of the perks of the job, but it’s not exactly conducive to staying in shape. Often, the trip seems to conspire against you – lots of travel time where you’re not moving, schmoozing drinks and dinners, late nights and early starts…

If you’re organising your work trip through specialist companies such as FCM Travel Solutions , they might be able to give you some pointers on how to stay healthy – they are the experts in business travel!

Here are some tips on how to stay fit while you’re on the road.

Pack food for the airport and the plane

While you’re waiting for your flight to come in, your food options aren’t always the healthiest. Pizza, burgers, rich pastas, cake, sweets…all options that are easily accessible at any airport, but don’t exactly help keep your waistline in check!

While your packing your work clothes, why not pack a few snacks and salads as well? If you pack snacks like nuts, healthy snack bars and some canned fish, your waistline will be smiling! These foods help you feel fuller for longer – if you make a hasty grab for the donut, you’ll be hungry and unsatisfied again pretty soon!

This also goes for the in-flight meals – instead of the usual carb and sugar loaded lunches and dinners. Request to see if they have any healthier options on board, especially seeing as you won’t be moving for a long period of time…an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Find somewhere to work out abroad, or someone to train you when you’re there

Often when you travel to another location, your workout routine gets thrown completely out of whack. By the time you arrive at your destination, you’re tired, you’re hungry and you’re not in the mood to plot out when you’re going to exercise.

By planning ahead and organising someone to train you for the period of time you are travelling, it means you are accountable for your exercise. You don’t show up to a training session, the trainer won’t be too happy! Plus, you can talk to them before you travel about how you’re going to keep regular training sessions up, no matter how hectic your schedule.

Work trips can be full of long lunches and indulgent dinners – so don’t let your exercise go, otherwise your waistline will!

Watch the alcohol intake

Work trips generally equals boozy evenings and lunches – something that is definitely not great for your body. Excessive alcohol is one of the biggest reasons why people gain weight on trips. Instead, opt for lighter drink alternatives such as vodka lime soda’s or Bloody Marys. If you are drinking lots of alcohol during your trip try and improve your choice of meals. Opt for the lean proteins or salads instead of the burger with chips! Every little change helps.

Work trips generally throughout your eating and exercising routines, which can cause you to stack on weight faster than you probably could have anticipated!

What are some ways you like to keep fit on work trips?