Creating A Positive Work Environment

Spending money on creating a positive work environment is sometimes seen as an extravagant expense.  But various physiological studies have laid waste to this way of thinking.  Gone are the days of sweatshop-like environments.  Employers are increasingly realizing the valuable asset their man power is and are coming up with more creative ways of ensuring happier staff. 

Content staff who feel valued and looked after are more likely to increase their productivity, have fewer sick days, suffer less incidents of burn-out and generally contribute more positively to the office environment and ultimately the bottom line.  With a lower staff turn-over rate the employer saves money on recruiting and training new staff.

The book, The Joy of Work? Jobs, Happiness, and Youstates that extensive research has demonstrated links between being happier in a job and being better at a job. Companies with higher than average employee happiness exhibit better financial performance and customer satisfaction.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook has once again come up tops in the 5th Annual Employees’ Choice Awards as being the best company to work for.  This survey relies solely on the opinion of the employees based on their work life experience.

Out of a maximum possible of 5 points awarded, Facebook has for two years consistently outranked other companies with a score of 4.7 points- confirmation that Facebook is the best place in the US to work!

Facebook sets the bar high by encouraging a healthy work and personal life balance.  This communicates to their employees that they matter and are not just glorified machinery but valuable assets.  This is why the benefits of working at Facebook are, unsurprisingly, quite numerous! 

“Our perks approach is to provide the benefits that most allow people to focus on their work and have impact. Things like food, transportation, small teams, laundry, health care, flexible hours, IT resources/equipment, and connectivity are a priority for us,” says Will Barnett – Facebook engineer recruiter.

Take heed of this wise advice, and invest in your work atmosphere today.