Fantastic Forgotten Ways To Market Your Business

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It is easy to get caught up in the new and exciting ways to market your business. We admit that they are effective, if you know how to use them correctly. Getting all that you can out of services such as SEO can lead to your company gaining huge amounts of interest. If you do not know about search engine optimization, it is a way of getting your company website higher up the search page. But, even the name is starting to give us a tech headache. We remember when marketing used to be so much simpler. If you are like us, then you will be happy to know that it still can be. We are sure you can use these forgotten marketing Ideas to your advantage.

Thank You Cards

When on earth did this friendly little marketing scheme go? There were some companies that used to say thank you to their customers and clients for using their service. Before everything switched to online, you at least were granted a thank you for shopping with us from a sales assistant. But, we do not remember ever getting a thank you for shopping with us from Amazon. We think this is important because it shows your existing customers your company is made of humans that care. It is not just one small cog in an industrial machine. We know thank you cards cost paper, and that is bad for the environment, but there is a modern way. You can send out E-cards and show customers you care without damaging the environment.

TV and Radio Ads

We know, businesses are mad about the idea of using sites like YouTube to post ads. But, unfortunately, ads online are skippable or blockable with a good Adblocker. That means you can pay for an ad online, and it will never be seen. Besides some of the most popular online user services such as Netflix still do not have ads. If you are trying to get the attention of a local consumer group, the best way is still television and radio. Yes, it costs a little more but it still works. Otherwise, movie companies would not still spend funds on television time during the super bowl.

Printed Media

You should still use printed media to market your company. Unless you know your way around SEO, you will never be found online. Printed media is the guaranteed way to get a new business seen. For every person that throws away a business flyer handed to them, another keeps it. The become interested in the advertised company. If you use a service like City Print Design, you can still get stylish, flyers that will catch a customer’s eye. It can still be a brilliant marketing tool, particularly if you want to attract local clients.

Promotional Gifts

Lastly, never underestimate how much someone will notice you if you are giving something away for free. We are talking about promotional gifts that can be given to loyal customers, or investors a trade show. You will definitely catch and keep their attention this way.

Complex online marketing strategies can be effective. But remember, the simple things still work the best.