Finding New Customers

Your customers are the corner stone of your business, and the aim of any business-owner is always to find more customers. Here are a few quick tips on finding your customer base, and growing it.


Picture Your Customer

You will need to have a clear picture of who your customer is. How old are they? Where are they based? You should have at least 5 points in mind that fit your ideal customer or client. If you have several different categories of customers, you’ll need several different strategies when it comes to marketing.


How Do You Reach Them?

Once you know who your customer is, you should know where they are. How did they find out about you? If your customers tend to be parents, figure out where parents are most likely to spend time, so that you can then reach out to those locations. Think about what publications your customer might read (or better yet-ask them through market research), and consider advertising in similar publications.

Don’t be afraid to ask your current customers if they know anyone else who may be interested in your business, or to ask them for their opinion on what you could do to expand your client base. They may have some good ideas for you, or be willing to help you reach a wider group.


Find New Customers Through Your Customers

Who is most likely to know people who might like your product? Your current customers are your best bet, as they’re likely to have friends and family with similar taste and interests. Why not consider offering special discounts, offers or coupons to any current customers who can refer a friend to your service? This is a chance to get customers to do your marketing for you, using word of mouth to bring new clients in while only sacrificing a minor expense.