Five Essential Project Management Skills You Can’t Afford To Do Without

You might know where you want your business to go. But does everybody else? You have great ideas. You are creative and filled with energy. You can’t wait to share these ideas with your clients. Only other people might have a different opinion. You need to make a strong case to clinch a contract and there is money and investment involved. You still have issues that need resolving. Otherwise, your client might simply walk away.

What you need right now are sound project management skills. If you don’t posses these skills then you might need to upskill, refresh yourself and your team and learn them. Whatever the project and whatever the size of the team, these are the skills you need.

The Ability to Initiate.

Most of us feel confident at this stage. This is after all the beginning and the start of the project. But this is a crucial stage, and if you are not in control here, you are likely to lose the reigns further down the track. A good initiator has wise enthusiasm. He or she tempers that with a keen awareness and focus. They will have the vision to see what is wanted from the project. This skill combines the ability to analyse the requirements of the brief. Get this crucial stage right and you’ll be gliding into the next.


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Have you got what it takes to be an effective planner? Another key requirement is to know how you are going to get there. Having decided what is needed, your core requirement now is a strategy. You will have to prepare a sound and viable business case. You are going to have to justify the investment and start to lay down the foundations. How long is this all going to take and precisely how much is it going to cost?

Key skills can always be upgraded. In fact it is essential for your businesses success. Take a look at what is being offered at a professional project management training class. It is more than likely that your business can benefit from a little training and education.


Now you are running with the ball. The skills you need here imply that you will have to hold your nerve. Even the best-laid plans come adrift. You’ll need true survival skills to hold on. You’ll be needing to put your team in place. That means knowing and understanding what makes your people tick. Picking your team and motivating them are key requirements here.

Maintaining and controlling.

This can be a heady time. The finish line is in sight and yet it is still all to play for. Are you sure that your have the stamina and skills to get your team through this vital stage? Key areas to focus on here involve communication. This is a vital skill that cannot be overlooked.


It sounds so simple! If only it were. There is so much to be learned here that no business can afford to overlook its skills in this area. This is where you’ll need your powers of analysis and understanding. It is where you look back and see how you might have done things differently had you been a little more aware of what was involved.

It is where you learn. But then as a sound and hard working business person with a thriving future, you will understand that you never really do stop learning.