Four Marketing Mistakes That Might Be Costing Your Business

As one of the most important tools to your business’ success, it is imperative your business is on top of current marketing trends. While the idea of marketing your business as a whole has remained relevant, how you market your business and brand is an ever-changing field.

With the stiff competition all brands face, the key to long term success is within the realm of modern marketing techniques. While you might believe you have the market cornered, there are marketing mistakes that could potentially be costing you time, money, and success.

Here are four marketing mistakes that could be costing your business:

1. Ignoring Customers on Social Media

It is a known fact that social media is an ideal way to reach out to customers, network with other brands, and get the word out about your business. However, many companies are quick to put their information out onto the social sites, but are even quicker to forget to respond to comments and questions.

It is a gesture of good faith to reciprocate to questions and comments, as it shows your business is about the customer and their concerns rather than the almighty dollar. If you are ignoring your customers or critics, even unintentionally, onlookers might be quick to ignore your business if they feel you do not care.

2. Spending Too Little on Marketing Campaigns

While marketing can be expensive, spending too little on your campaigns can be hurting your business’s growth. In fact, you could be potentially spending more in the long run, as multiple little campaigns can add up quickly, whereas a couple large, well-targeted campaigns, such as through satellite direct tv or other large broadcasting companies is usually money well spent.

Research what campaigns might be successful to your brand, and consider spending more on the campaign to reach the right audience.

3. Unclear Goals

One of the biggest mistakes a business can make is to be unclear as to what the end goals are. Without clear goals, your business is just throwing money away on marketing. Determine what you are hoping to accomplish:

A certain number of visitors?

A certain number of social shares?

A certain amount of product downloads? Purchases?

Narrow down your business goals so you can create a well-targeted campaign.

4. Skipping the Blog

Blogging is a huge market, and has the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of people. Thoroughly researched and well-written articles are not only appropriate for SEO purposes, but also act as evidence that your company is an expert on your brand’s market.

Articles authenticate your business and/or products to the masses, as well as adding a human element to the company. While your site does not need to have a huge database of backlogged articles, a couple new articles each month can boost your site’s growth.

In order to grow your business with marketing, avoid these four marketing mistakes.
Photo: Copyright / alphaspirit