Global Business: How To Manage Your Business From Anywhere In The World

In the modern working world, there is no longer a need for everybody in your company to be in the same place at the same time. It no longer matters whether your clients and your employees live and work in the same place as you. Now, there are many ways in which you can ensure that you can manage a business remotely. Working with new technology and techniques, you can ensure that you have a successful business no matter where you are.

Many businessmen don’t like change. You should be open to the idea of transforming your business to suit modern needs. Managing a modern business means changing the way in which you approach management. You need to retrain in remote management so that you can look after a large workforce whom you never see. Here is a simple guide to managing a business around the world.

Make sure everybody can access their work

When you are working with lots of different people in different time zones, you need to make sure that you can all work on the same project. Syncing your work will be one of the biggest challenges in your job. You should consider getting software that will help you to view everybody’s work at the same time. Doing so will mean that you can control a lot of work from your laptop. These days people work on a wide range of devices. From laptops to tablets and smartphones, people use technology in different ways to suit their work style. BYOD services from Insight allow you to sync work across a wide range of platforms. That means that you have ultimate control over the work you and your employees produce.

Make sure people don’t overwork themselves

When people work at home, there is a temptation for them to overwork. That means that people push themselves too hard when it comes to working. If you are paying people on a pay-per-project basis, you will find that people will take on as much as they can. That means that people will try and push themselves to their limits so that they can make loads of money. The main issue with this is that people tire themselves out when they work too hard. That might mean that people are unreliable or that the quality of work they produce is poor. Keep an eye on how much people work, and ensure that they don’t overdo it.

Have regular calls or chats with your employees

When you are managing a remote team, you don’t see your employees every day. In fact, you might not see your employees at all. That means that you don’t have a relationship with your staff. When people see their boss every day, they build a working relationship with him or her. That relationship helps them to build a level of respect for their employer. If you are an unknown figure to your staff, they will have no respect for you. The trouble with working via the internet is that people can disappear whenever they want to. That means that one day you might have fifty staff members, and the next you might only have seven. Make sure that you have regular calls and chats with your staff to see how they are finding the work. Doing so will mean that your staff respect you and the work they produce.

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Get your head around time differences

If you are working across time zones, this will be an obstacle you’ll need to overcome. Make sure that you understand time zones. When you talk to an employee or client in another country, ensure that you’re clear about any deadlines you set. It is worth telling people what time zone you mean when you arrange meetings or set deadlines. There can be confusion when it comes to working with people in different countries. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it. It is viable to work with people across time zones, and doing so will help you to find people with the best skills.

Don’t expect miracles

When you work with people you can’t see, you have to expect that some people will be unreliable. When people start working with you, they might not like it, and they can disappear. Make sure that you make new employees, freelancers and clients sign an agreement when they work with you. Doing so will mean that you have a level of control over the people you work with in your business.

Establish mutual trust

When you are working with people online, you need to make sure that you trust one another. This rule applies especially when you are working with clients online. When you offer a client services or products, they need to be sure that you will deliver. In the same respect, you need to be sure that your client will pay for the services they receive. Work to establish a mutual trust between you and clients online. Work to a deadline and deliver on time.

Look at people’s portfolio before you hire them

Most of the time, when you’re hiring people online, you won’t get to see them in the flesh. When you interview people for jobs, you, usually, get to meet them. That means that you can pick up loads about the person from the way in which they present themselves and their body language. When you are hiring someone online, you don’t get any of that information. The only thing you can judge people by when hiring people over the internet is their portfolio. Make sure that candidates have a proven track record of producing quality work so that you know you can trust them.

Make a base for yourself

When you work, you need a base. Your work might be mobile, but you still need a place where you are comfortable working. Make sure that you create a base for yourself where you can work on a daily basis. There will be times when you take your work with you to new places. On a daily basis, though, you need somewhere you can relax.