Great Business Workshops You Should Take To Gain Valuable Skills

Marketing and communications is a constantly changing field so it is crucial that people employed in the industry stay abreast of updates and new technologies. While reading industry publications and keeping an eye on what some of the big brands are doing is one way to keep in the loop, dedicated small group workshops are also a really effective way to not only understand the concepts that will help you do your job better, but also be able to walk away knowing how to put them into action as well.

Below is a list of the top three course themes for workshops that every marketer should brush up on this year to improve their skillset and ensure tangible, measurable results on marketing activities and promotions.

LinkedIn Marketing

Did you know that nearly 90% of LinkedIn users trust the content they see on the platform and over three quarters of them use LinkedIn for research purposes? When it comes to social media profiles for businesses and organisations, LinkedIn matters. If your organisation isn’t using LinkedIn beyond individual staff resume profiles, you’re probably missing out on valuable leads and networking opportunities. LinkedIn can actually be one of the most beneficial platforms for a business to be on, so if you’re not sure how to best use it for measurable, tangible results, contact an agency like Market Smartly who not only help businesses to strategise and implement social media campaigns, but also offer training and workshops based on real working case studies.

Marketing for Professional Services

Even if your business has a physical product, having a sound understanding of how to market and communicate the non-tangible features, benefits and selling points of what you do is crucial. The modern market place is competitive and consumers are faced with multiple messages that are consumed faster than ever. Professional Services promotion is based around building a genuine trust and connection with what it is your business does. Knowing how to “sell” the quality, the service, the care – all the things that can’t actually be touched or felt – can give you an edge over your competitors.

Return on Investment & Measuring Results

Being able to measure campaign results is one of the most useful tools a marketer can have, but many people don’t actually know how to gauge if their actions are really working for them. Not only will having a thorough understanding of how to track, measure and analyse marketing activities help to improve the results of the campaign or promotion you’re running, but having quantifiable, data supported justification to present when pitching ideas to management may help you get your budgets and concepts approved a little easier too.
Continual professional development is absolutely necessary to not only stay on top of your game, but also keep up to date with the latest trends and developments marketing, advertising and communications industry as well.

What’s the most valuable business course or workshop you’ve ever completed?