How to Choose Managed Print Services

What are managed print services I hear you cry? If you are looking at shaping up your business, making it more practical and cheaper to run, then this is the obvious solution for you.

Managed print services have been around for a number of years. But, in today’s tough economic climate more people are introducing them as a savvy way to ensure that they save cash. There are a number of managed print services that you can utilise. You can actually manage your document output. This means that your business processes are sped up.


You can manage your print software. This means managing the volume of prints that is used within the office environment. This may mean that you have to restrict print access for some. Only authorised personnel will be allowed to use this system. You can have device management software in place to ensure that only certain devices are used within your industry. This means that the devices within your endeavour are controlled more accurately. You can also ensure that the software in place is planned for any changes that may take place within your venture.

There is a wide range of suppliers that you can use for this kind of software. Typically, these providers focus on smaller businesses. These are the kinds of ventures that are keen to save money for the long term. Of course, they can be utilised by bigger companies, but this is less common. In the face of austerity, companies are looking at ways that they can make significant savings. With managed print services, they can.

Fundamental Printing Considerations

When it comes to printing and managed print services, businesses tend to look for the same five fundamental things:

1.    Saving money and cutting costs
2.    Environmental sustainability
3.    Printing from mobile devices
4.    Compliance
5.    Automated paper processes in order to save time

For many companies, automating their processes means that they can save a lot of resources. Resources can include physical people and money.

After all, no one wants their company to be less productive in the face of printing. Printing is designed to organise people. Ensuring high productivity is critical. This is why managed print services are ideal for those that are keen to save both time and money.

How to Choose the Right Managed Print Service Provider

Choosing the right service for you depends on what you need as a core function in your company. In the midst of choosing a company to handle your managed print services, you should endeavour to ask the following:

  • Who has the company worked with before? Have they worked with companies that are           similar to your own?
  • Ask for references and follow them up
  • What is their pricing structure
  • How will they maintain the services that you purchase
  • What security processes do they have in place
  • Is there any training that can be provided to staff within the company

Choosing the right managed print services need not be an ordeal. The business benefits of installing this kind of service are limitless.