How to Deal With an Office Full of Gen Y Employees

They don’t shave. They focus on style over substance. They are glued to their mobile phones. They are Gen Y and your office is now full of them. How are you going to deal with an office full of upstarts without developing a drinking problem? Gen Ys can actually bring great value to your office and your business. Interested? Keep reading.


It’s easy to stereotype Gen Ys because they are all the same. Living with their folks well into their 20’s, having mum cook and clean, having dad provide. Is it any wonder that they aren’t housetrained? Their coffee cups will have more rings than Saturn and the decorative bamboo on their desk will be dead in a week. Of course, cleaning the kitchen will be a job for someone else. So what can do you about it? Of course, you can give yourself a coronary trying to clean up after them (or trying to get them to take responsibility), or you can take the easy way out. Yes, there’s no shame in calling a professional cleaner like AMC Cleaning to clean up after the office kids.

Engage Them To Innovate

Without a doubt, computers and technology has transformed the way we do business. Do you know how to use Facebook to engage your customers? What about Twitter? Blogs? How confident are you in using social media for the benefit of your business? Gen Ys, believe it or not, know what Gen Ys want. You might have a great product or service but can you confidently engage new media to reach emerging consumers? Use your Gen Y employees to your advantage. Test new products, services and strategies on them. Get them to explore the opportunities for your business with social media. You might be surprised – these crazy kids might actually add value to your marketing mix!

Expect Them To Make Mistakes

Let’s be honest. These kids are fresh out of school, college or university. They might have a handful of actual work experience hours between them. The whole 9 to 5 deal is going to be a strange concept to them, as are the twin pillars of responsibility and hard work. Sure, things were different back in your day, but you too had to start somewhere once. Gen Ys are actually very adept to change. They’ve grown up with it. They drive it. They thrive on it. You might call it making mistakes – they call it adapting to the environment. Give them plenty of opportunities to adapt to their environment. You’ll be amazed at the innovation they produce when faced with a challenge.

Ys do things differently, there’s no doubt about it. One thing they generally aren’t is unmotivated. Give them a task they can take ownership of, something they can invest into and they’ll produce some amazing results.

Is your office full of Gen Ys? What do you do to engage and motivate them? Share your ideas in the comments below.