How To Design A Killer Business Card

When you meet with clients or people in your industry, one thing you’ll do is give them a business card. It’s an important part of any first meeting as is shaking hands or dressing up in a suit. Believe it or not, your business card can be influential to clients.

Why? If they have a memorable business card, they will think back to their initial meeting with you. Your company will then be at the forefront of their minds. And once that happens, you’re more likely to win any new business instead of your competitors.

It’s crucial that your business card offers the right first impression. If you need to get some new cards printed soon, don’t order any just yet. At least, not until you read this guide to design a killer business card!


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Getting the facts right

You first need to make sure that your business cards contain the information people will need. Here’s what it should have:

  • Your name;
  • Your company logo;
  • Your primary telephone number;
  • Your email address; and
  • Your company’s website address.

Many people make the mistake of putting too much information on their business cards. For example, people don’t need to see about four different phone numbers for you. Nor do they want to know the name of your favorite movie.

You might be wondering why it’s a bad idea not to have additional phone numbers, such as cell numbers. The reason is simple: people will assume you have some divert system in place. In fact, if you don’t, you should! It’s simple to set up and deactivate.

There’s no margin for error

Another common mistake when getting business cards printed is the layout. Printing companies often provide a template people can use, known as a cutter guide.

If you have your vital details too close to the edge, chances are they’ll get cut off in the printing process! If you’re not sure you’ve done it right, have the printing firm check your template for you.

On the subject of errors, one pet hate of mine are spelling and grammar mistakes. You don’t need to have a degree in English to do simple checks on what you’ve written. By the same token, make sure your phone numbers are correctly formatted. It’s annoying when they are just one long string of numbers!

Only use high-quality paper

When you get business cards printed, you’ll get asked what thickness of paper you want. The printing company will also ask whether you want a matt or glossy finish.

Spend the money to get high-quality business cards printed. The last thing you want to do is present cards that look like you’ve printed them out at home!

Think outside of the rectangle

My final tip is to consider experimenting with different shapes. Business cards don’t have to the same size as everyone else’s. Just be sure to consider your audience before you choose something out of the ordinary!

By following those tips, you’ll have an awesome business card. One that you can be proud of!