How To Make Your Product Stand Out

You have designed, produced and manufactured your product, now what?

The next step is working out how you get your creation noticed. Whilst selling your product is a great start towards getting your new product noticed, sadly it is rarely enough. To make a success out your product it is essential that you find ways to make it stand out.

To make your invention stand out, without emptying your banking account, have a read of these helpful tips:

Approach your target audience

Before manufacturing your product, you will have established your target audience. Start off by advertising and promoting your new creation to members of your target audience.

To help get your product known, why not give some samples away. Contact bloggers who run niche blogs that relate in some way to your product, and ask if they would like to receive a sample of your product to review.

Think about packaging

Use your target audience research to establish what type of designs appeal to your target market. Refer to these notes when choosing your packaging and branding. Make sure to add your own unique touches to your packaging, so that your items stand out.

When choosing a company to produce your packaging for you, make sure you stick to your budget. Some businesses charge very high prices for packaging, so make sure to check the prices before placing an order.

Alternatively, research affordable graphic designers and marketers who you could work with to produce packaging for your product. You could also research affordable, bespoke packaging design companies like The Box Co-op and see how much they charge and what they offer.

If you struggle to choose a bespoke design, include your target audience in the decision. Send out surveys to everyone on your mailing list and ask what their thoughts are on your packaging designs.

Create an online presence

The internet is one of the best ways to harness free advertising opportunities. So, make sure to take advantage of it.

Create an online presence for your company or new product by using social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Build up your social media following by connecting with like-minded people and other businesses. Make sure to post unique and interesting content on your social media sites, don’t base everything around your product.

Ensure you interact with your followers and post on a regular basis. You can use social media management tools like HootSuite to manage your social media interactions and tweets.

Create a website for your product

Create a website specifically for your product. Link the site to your company’s website and use it as a way to advertise your new product.

Obviously a website is a valuable tool, but there is no need to break the bank paying for it. Especially as the website is simply for your new product, not your overall business.

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Create business partnerships

Network with other business owners and build up your connections. Use your connections to find a company that you could build a partnership with. For instance, if you created an educational toy for children, you could partner your business with a company that sells learning equipment.

Business partnerships are an excellent way to build up your company’s exposure, as they allow your product to be seen by anyone who visits your partner companies site.