How To Nudge An Old Customer For New Profits

There are plenty of businesses out there who are obsessed with finding new customers. It’s no surprise – new clients means that you achieve growth. But, it’s important not to forget about your old customers. These people are on your books already, so they are cheaper to access. And, sometimes, all it takes is a gentle reminder that you are still around, and it can mean an extra sale or two.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at how you can remind your old clients that you are still around, and give them a gentle nudge. Just because you haven’t heard from someone for a while doesn’t mean that they are no longer a prospect. Here are a few ideas for you.


The check in

Sometimes, all you need to do is send someone an email. Perhaps you are selling a service, and one of your older clients hasn’t been on your radar for a while. Or, to be more accurate, you haven’t been on their radar. Just send them a friendly message, and you never know what they might have waiting for you – and you could give them an answer to their problems.

The greetings card

The good thing about greeting cards is that they are non-confrontational and easy going. Whether you decide to send corporate ecards, or send them a special offer in the post, it makes no difference. It will remind your old clients that you are still in business, and it will put you at the front of their minds if they decide to buy something you offer.

The aftercare gambit

It’s always worth sending an email or message to a customer who has bought something from your business. From their perspective, it shows that you care about the quality of your product and that they are getting on OK with it. You might encounter some issues, which you can fix, but this is a small cost in comparison to the great customer service you are giving.

Pick up the phone

The phone is a much-underused tool these days, with many businesses preferring the anonymity of the Internet to communicate. But, if you want to stand out from the crowd, just pick up the phone and call your customers. You don’t have to sell them anything – just thank them for being your customer and ask them if they have any problems. It’s rare to get a phone call from a business that doesn’t try and hard sell. Many people will find it refreshing, and you will stand out for giving it a try.

The loyalty discount

If you have a good customer that hasn’t been around for a while, why not reward them for their loyalty to encourage them to come back? A ten or twenty percent discount on their favorite products might well do the job. There will always be times when a customer drifts off to somewhere else. Tempting them back with a special offer is a great way of nudging them back in your direction. If they can get something cheaper from you, why would they go anywhere else?

We hope this has helped – let us know how you get on!