How to smarten up your business premises

For those businesses that have a physical presence either on the high street, in a business block or retail park, it is essential that the premises aim to reflect the ethos and standards of the company that carries out business inside them.


Keep your employees happy


Not only does a presentable exterior and interior serve your company’s best interests in terms of client or customer expectations and satisfaction, it also helps to keep your workforce motivated and happy, and as a result, increases productivity. People enjoy having a clean and well-arranged workspace, and it will encourage a community atmosphere in the office.


The lunch room


Extend this philosophy to the lunch room by kitting it out with enough seating for several people. You could have a single dining table with chairs or several smaller tables, so that people can either chat over lunch, or drift off to a table by themselves if they prefer. You could even include a sofa so that your employees can really relax during their lunch break.


Impress your visitors


The way your office or workspace looks will subliminally influence your visitors. If your workspace is dirty and untidy, your client may come to the conclusion that if you do not care about the place you work in, you may not care about the quality of your work – not a great first impression to make.


Design tips


Start with the colour palette, as colour can have a significant effect on mood. For this reason, it might be best to avoid red, for example, as this can evoke angry emotions. You will need to align the colour palette you use to the type of business that you offer. More traditional services, such as legal or accounting, work best with neutral colours such as whites and creams, perhaps offset with wooden fixtures. Creative businesses would probably benefit from a more colourful scheme.


No business can operate without furniture, and as with the colour scheme, this should be tailored to the service on offer, as well as being functional. If a business requires hard copies of documents to be kept, filing cabinets should be considered a must, whereas if the aim is for a paperless office, make sure that the desks have cable channels built in, in order to accommodate all the wires.


You will need good lighting in your premises, not only to provide light to read by, but so that the office is devoid of dark corners or dull recesses, which can induce a feeling of gloom. Make as much use of natural light as possible by fitting windows with elegant shutters, which will instantly improve the look of your office, both inside and out, and provide a means of ventilation.


Conference room


A conference room needs to have a central table that is large enough to fit several people around at one sitting. It should occupy the centre of the room, and other essential items, such as a projector and screen and cabinets, should be organised around it. Create an open, fresh atmosphere by ensuring there is plenty of natural light.


There are several benefits to designing a great looking workspace, both for you and your employees, so ensure that your office or shop boasts a layout and look of which you can be proud.