How to Spot Risks in a Construction Site

Construction sites are undoubtedly dangerous places and it is important to take real care when accessing any site undergoing construction. When you enter a construction site, you need be constantly aware of the risks around you, so here are some common risks that you may identify.

Inappropriate Construction Equipment

On most construction sites, workers will require trench shoring, manhole box supports, sheet and frame and or propping. Quite often is most beneficial to hire certified construction equipment for authorised hire companies such as Mabey Hire , to ensure adherence to safety standards. Construction equipment hired from these companies is not only compliant to safely standards, but is also designed for greater accessibility and ease-of-use.

Inadequate Safety Gear

The type of protection or safety gear required depends on the type of construction work or machinery that is being used on site. In all cases, safety helmets should be worn to protect workers from falling objects, contact with sharp or hard objects and electrical hazards. Hand protection gloves are also required in most cases to protect against electrical hazards, chemical hazards or sharp debris. In most cases, especially when there is operational machinery, eye protection, hearing protection and respiratory protection will also be required. If you spot any one on-site not wearing regulation safety gear, they should be reported and asked to put on the appropriate gear immediately.

Poor Sun Safety

While so heavily focused on protection from debris and machinery, sun safety can be overlooked. It is important, especially when workers to sunlight for extended periods of time, that adequate sun safety gear is worn. This includes wearing sunscreen, EPF10 sunglasses, long sleeved clothing and wide brim hats or hats with neck flaps. Shade should be sought out on breaks.

Lack of Ground Supports

With the focus on construction and worker safety, the safety of the actual site can also be overlooked. If you are working on heritage listed or fragile ground, it is essential that appropriate ground supports are laid down. This will prevent severe damage over areas that will be accessed by heavy vehicles and machinery. Ground supports should also be used in areas that will be subject to high counts of pedestrian traffic.

Neglected Safety Gear

Just because safety gear is being worn correctly and appears untarnished, does not necessarily mean it is doing its job. Many workers do not take the time to adequately clean and maintain their safety gear and over time, their safety gear can become damaged or impaired. Safety helmets should be regularly washed with warm water and soap and the use of solvents, abrasives or very hot water should be avoided. Any piece of safety gear that is deemed unsatisfactory should be replaced immediately.

It is important for your safety, and the safety of others, that risk assessments are continually conducted on construction sites. If you encounter a risk, ensure it is reported and active steps are taken to resolve any imminent or possible future danger.