How Your Office Space Is Affecting Your Health

We all know that work can mean stress. And we all know that stress is bad for your health. But very few of us can actually identify the contributing factors to our overall working experience. Some of us may have a general feeling that we are boxed in at work. Others may feel like they are being pushed to achieve projects to unrealistic deadlines. But more often than not we can’t quite tell what it is that bothers us so much at work.

Well, understandably a lot of it is about your physical surroundings. There are plenty of ways that the actual office environment can be negatively affecting your health, making you more stressed and generally unhappy.


Source: Flickr

First of all, there is the space that you work in. The first question is, are you comfortable? Do you think that you have the correct posture, and do you have enough room for everything you need? Posture can have a fundamental effect on your general wellbeing. It can give you headaches and migraines, leading to more general health issues. It can also make reading and typing incredibly difficult.

You should take some time to think about the larger space around you, and how it is organised. If you are in an open plan office, how do you think it works? You may feel as though you are constantly being distracted by goings on, or you may be constantly aware that others are able to see what you’re doing. Even if you’re hard at work, feeling this way can be a very stressful way to go about your day to day life.

If you are in a cubicled environment, then there is a chance that you feel boxed in. Maybe there is not enough natural sunlight, which can adversely affect your mental state. In conditions such as this, you can feel completely isolated from others, which will also affect your motivation.

Any office should be using a service such as Saracen offices in London in order to maximise the potential of their space. The most important aspect of any office space is how it makes those working in it feel. But there is very little attention paid generally to the fact that this will have a direct effect on the mental and physical health of employees. And as any good employer knows, healthy employees are happy employees.

As an employee, there are a number of things that you can do if your workspace is not helping you. You can consult with your boss, who should be understanding. After all, you want to feel better at work so that you can work harder. You could also begin to use your own ergonomic equipment or a personal chair to improve your working posture. In some cases, it can be worth consulting with an optometrist, to make sure that it is not poor sight that is causing aches and pains.

In either case, the key is that nobody should be suffering in silence. A poorly designed workplace can affect your health, but it can also make you feel as though you are isolated and unheard. Break the cycle, and start to improve your surroundings today.