Incredible Advice for Choosing the Right Promo Items for Your Business

Promotional items can be excellent ways of spreading interest for your company. Whether it’s a pen or a USB drive, it’s a thoughtful gift for your customers, and it gets your name out there. A promotional gift could hang around someone’s house for years, reminding previous customers about you and perhaps getting passed on to other people. But some marketing promos can seem a bit pathetic. Does anyone really want a branded pencil or pen? If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to get more creative with your ideas. We could just give you a list of items, but it’s much better if you work out something that’s a perfect fit for your company. Use the hints below to think of something that says who you are.


Sheila Scarborough

Think About Your Brand

You could just put your name on a mug, a pen or a keyring. But what do any of these items say about your brand? A pen or pencil might be appropriate to a lawyer’s office, but even then it won’t stand out against the many other lawyers’ pencils. If you want to give your customers something quirky that shows your brand’s personality, think about what you do and what relates to your company. A microbrewery might give out bottle openers or glasses, for example. A particularly eco-conscious business might have reusable shopping bags made up. Your promo items shouldn’t just be random bits and pieces that people quickly throw away. Try to think of something that represents you and tells people who you are.

Promoting at Events

If you’re holding an event, you’re likely to want to have lots of promotional items to give away. They could relate to the event you’re putting on or to your brand, in general. They make an excellent souvenir to take away from the event and to keep reminding people of the day. It’s a good idea to think about the theme of your event and use it to inspire you. Perhaps you’re hosting a charity run, and you could have custom headbands or water bottles for all your runners. If you’re putting on a family fun day, the children could all go home with a branded teddy bear. You could give all the guests at a sit-down dinner a personalised bottle of wine. There are lots of ways you can make sure everyone has a small part of the event to take home with them.

What Will People Use?

When you choose your promotional items, think about what people will make use of. There’s some power in something that might lie around the house, occasionally getting picked up when someone needs it. But if you can give people something they might use every day, you will always be at the back of their minds. They’ll see your name every time they use their shopping cart token, kitchen packaging clip or shopping bag.

You don’t have to stay inside the box when you’re ordering promo items. Look for companies that have unusual ideas or that will even make you something unique that fits your business perfectly.