Know What You Want In A Web Developer

In the early 90’s, with the rise of the internet, the company website started replacing the conventional strip mall shops and served as a fast, effective and user friendly way to market your business, but back then that’s all it did 

Over the next few years, the need for moving your shop online and being able to trade in a cyber environment became increasingly vital to ensure your business’ success.  An obligatory element of being able to successfully trade online is the ability to shape your website to suit your customers’ and business needs by being mobile, responsive, fast loading, interactive, easy to navigate etc.  And this is where the Web Developer steps in to save the day.

It is important that you establish a list of ‘super powers’ you would like your Web Developer to have:


  1. How important are their qualifications and employment experience to you?  If appropriate formal education is important, insist on seeing proof of qualifications before meeting the candidate.

  2. Do they write in a developer’s code in a software language you support and like?

  3. Make sure the are current in their training and keep themselves informed about the industry so that they remain on-trend.

  4. Get as many references as you can.  What’s on paper can only tell you only so much.  It might be important to you to know how easy it is to work with him / her.  Ask to see samples of previous projects that they were involved with.

  5. Do you need someone who is happy to work after hours?  This is sometimes an un-avoidable part of the Web Developer’s job.

It is a good idea to establish an impression of potential candidates by using the social media available to you specifically designed for this purpose.  Here you will often find testimonials, a complete employment history and endorsements of skills they claim to have.  Use sites like LinkedIn and Google+.