Maintaining A Work/Life Balance

Just over a year ago Forbes asked, “Do Entrepreneurs Need Work-Life Balance?” The answer to their question was a resounding yes. Yet, how to solve the paradox of modern age where “we have bigger houses but smaller families; more conveniences, but less time” (Dalai Lama) seems understandably unachievable for many small business owners. When the success of your business depends on giving it your all, how can you find enough time for your family, let alone workouts or coffee with friends?

Achieving the perfect balance takes practice and planning. It won’t happen overnight but there are five key things you can do to start living life on your own terms again.

 Be Organized: Whether this involves making lists with pen and paper or employing Personal Digital Assistants and project management software (Microsoft Project and Basecamp are both popular), prioritizing your work load means you’ll get more done in less time. That leaves more time for living.

 Work hours that work for you: You know by now if you’re an early bird or night owl. If you can concentrate better at sunrise than sunset, schedule your work so that you’re in the office (or in front of the computer) during these hours and stick to them!

 Commit: Make arrangements to do things with friends and family and commit to them as you would a business meeting. Schedule these events in your diary, don’t turn up late, and don’t check your phone or emails during them.

 Get help: You can’t do everything, especially when your business grows. Take on new team members and delegate; you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how helpful other people can be.

Cover the basics: Eat Well. Sleep well. Exercise. Prioritize all three because healthy people always achieve more.