Make Sure Your Office Is Maintained Well By Following These Tips

It’s a sad fact of life that some firms don’t ensure their working environments get maintained to an excellent standard. That means workers have to put up with things like faulty equipment and infrastructure.

Most workers have no choice but to work in such an environment. But, as a company owner, you are responsible for the health and safety of your employees at work. That means making sure you are operating your premises within the law.

Maintenance is a significant issue for many businesses. Today’s handy guide outlines some of the things you should check on a periodic basis. Here is what you need to know:


Source: Pixabay

Fire Safety

A crucial component of any business premises is fire safety. While we don’t expect our offices and buildings to go up in flames, the fact is some do. And most of those cases occur without warning.

Back in 2013, there were 487,500 structure fires in the United States. Injuries and fatalities were in their thousands for such events. All business owners should make fire safety of paramount importance.

Doing so means that they are protecting their workers, buildings and assets. Here are some of the things you need to check at your premises:

  • Safety information. All fire exits must be clearly marked;
  • Fire alarms. They must be located at various points of the building and be visible to all. They should also be in working order. It’s not uncommon for companies to perform a weekly fire alarm test;
  • Sprinkler systems. They must work and not suffer from corrosion or limescale problems. Find out more about sprinkler system testing at Engineered Corrosion Solutions;
  • Emergency exits. Keep them clear of obstructions at all times. The handles must be operational; and
  • Fire control equipment. Items like extinguishers should be in good working order and easy to use.

Air Conditioning Systems

Apart from keeping us cool during the summer, air conditioning also has health benefits for employees. They filter the ambient air, making life pleasant for people that suffer from asthma, for instance.

A poorly-maintained a/c system will not be efficient, nor will it be reliable. As a responsible employer, it is your duty to have your air conditioning system maintained on a regular basis.

If systems leaked, for example, they could release harmful gases into the atmosphere. Condensation build-up could cause water leaks from the ceiling. That in itself is a big health and safety issue.

Building Infrastructure

Last, but not least, you need to maintain the general infrastructure of your building. Examples include:

  • Electrical systems. All electrical wiring and sockets must be modern, up to code and safe to use;
  • Water systems. All inlet and wastewater pipes must be in good working order and have no leaks. There should be nothing contaminating the fresh water piped to the faucets; and
  • Lighting systems. Lights must be operational and provide effective illumination for offices and other areas. Consider installing energy-efficient bulbs to save money on maintenance costs.

By following the maintenance guide you have just read, you’ll ensure a safe and efficient working environment for you and your employees.