Make Your Office More Green

Not only does having a ‘green business’ status indicate your businesses’ commitment to the environment, it has become socially unacceptable not to be green.  Litter bugs and water wasters have now been shunned to the same corner occupied by speedsters and motorists illegally parking in parking bays set aside for the disabled.  Being green lifts your company reputation while pushing down your consumables bills.


The key is to remember the three R’s; reuse, recycle, reduce and consider this checklist:

  1. Know your state laws regarding recycling and stay abreast of changes in legislation.

  2. Be wary of immature or ineffective technology.  Make sure you check out the product claims or you might be throwing more money into the cesspool.

  3. Certain technology and products could qualify your business for ‘green tax benefits’! “Greening up your central air-conditioning unit, utilizing geothermal heat pumps, installing air source heat pumps, putting in a gas, oil or propane water heater or an electric heat pump water heater will entitle you to garner a $300 dollar tax credit for each qualifying improvement” states the website HowStuffWorks.

  4. Before employing the use of any equipment, product or policies claiming to solve your green-needs ask questions; does the product or policy risk your Good Manufacturing Practice status? Will it in anyway risk the working conditions and work place safety of your staff? 

But the basics of any green policy are to establish first and foremost where your business could reduce consumption and limit, if not eliminate, waste of any kind.  Here common sense comes into play. Switch off appliances and machinery not in use.  Replace bulbs with energy efficient options.  Get rid of old power guzzling appliances and invest in newer eco-friendly counterparts.  Make sure taps and toilets are not leaking.  Employ the principal of Post-Consumer Waste known as PCW by using recycled paper, glass and plastic products where possible. 


You’ll soon be on your way to an eco-friendly working space.