Marketing On A Budget

It’s difficult for a business to make a decent profit without a solid advertising and marketing strategy, but many smaller businesses don’t have a huge budget to work with. Fear not; a smaller budget doesn’t have to mean that you sacrifice your marketing.


If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix it

If you’ve been running the same advertising campaign for a while, it might be tempting to start over with a new one in order to freshen things up. Try not to jump the gun- customers might have a strong association with your brand and the marketing campaign, and a chance may not actually benefit you. If your current advertising strategy has worked well and is still working, don’t waste money on something new. Just keep the information current and let the campaign keep working its magic.


Don’t Hire Outside Your Budget

If you want to hire somebody to shoot photographs for an advertising campaign or to write content for you, ensure that their fees are appropriate for your budget. Don’t be persuaded that spending a fortune on one person’s skills will make a drastic difference to the success of your campaign, and stick to the budget you set when it comes to hiring freelancers.


Do It Yourself

An even better way of avoiding paying a fortune to freelancers and extra hands for marketing is to do whatever you can yourself. If you have the time to put flyers through doors, why not get out and do it yourself rather than spending extra for others to do it. This could also give you an opportunity to get out and meet prospective clients and customers, adding a personal touch to your marketing strategy. You may even be able to write your own press releases and marketing content if this is within your skill set.