Marketing Yourself as a Freelancer

Working for yourself can be highly rewarding and fulfilling. You no longer have to answer to anyone. You can do whatever you want to do, and you can enjoy a more laid back lifestyle. But as with all things that you do on your own you will find that you have much more responsibility than you would do working for a corporation.

This is great in the sense that it gives you power and control over your career and destiny. But you need to be cautious because it also means that you have to take charge of every single aspect of business now. You can’t just rely on somebody else to do it for you because there is no one else to do it for you.


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If you’re working for yourself then you will fall into one of the two categories. You might be a small business owner, or you might be a freelancer. If you specialise in more creative ventures then it’s a good bet that you will be a freelancer. This is the category that writers and photographers, etc fall into.

As a freelancer, you will work off a client pool that will provide your income. One of the drawbacks to freelancing is that there is no steady paycheck at the end of every month. You also don’t have sick leave or holiday entitlement. You are responsible for your own earnings. You need to decide if and when to take time off. And remember if you don’t work then you don’t get paid.

Because of this it is important that you have a lot of clients to begin with. After this, you can move to having a few clients who provide you with regular work. As a result, it’s important that you market yourself well to attract new clients and keep hold of existing ones.

Here are some of the ideas that you could use to market yourself as a freelancer. Make sure you take these on board and try to do as many as possible to increase your chances of success.

Go to events

Depending on what exactly you freelance in there may be events in the local area that you can attend. These might be conferences or conventions about whatever career you may be doing. For instance, there may be national photographers event happening. If so then you should go along and take part.

Many of these events have talks by famous figures relating to your area of business. You may find that you learn a thing or two and pick up some tips that had never occurred to you before.

There will also be experts in attendance as well as other people in a similar position to you. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to meet and greet. You may hit it off with someone and develop a working relationship with them. You might make a good impression on someone to the extent where they recommend you to a project or a client.

Don’t underestimate the importance of these events in marketing yourself. A lot of them are free or inexpensive to attend. You should make sure you dress for the part as well. You are representing yourself, so it’s important that you look professional.  Many people may judge you on appearance.


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Business cards

A great way of marketing yourself as a freelancer is to get business cards made up. It is easy to do this nowadays. There are many websites such as that allow you to design and order cards to be sent straight to you.

You can customise these cards to contain all the information relevant to you that you want to tell people about. You should include your name, job description and contact details. Business cards are a vital piece of business marketing. They are a trendy and transportable way for you to give people your contact details.

Cars are more tangible than a phone number or email address, and they look much more professional. You can fit them into a wallet, purse or pocket. You may even want to think about getting a case to carry your business cards around in.


If you are a freelancer then it is essential that you have a website. And this doesn’t just mean a personal website about you. This means a professional, work-related website that promotes you as a freelancer.

You can put your portfolio of work up on the site, as well as information about you and the skills and services you provide. Web sites look professional and lend you and your business a sense of importance and legitimacy.

It is easier than you would think to create your own website these days. There are so many templates available that you should have no problems coming up with one that fits for you. Make sure your website is impeccable as this may be the deciding factor for potential clients as to whether they should use you.

Social media

Social media is one of the best ways for you to promote and market yourself. You will have access to a global audience of billions. You’ll be able to reach potential clients that you would never have been able to by regular means.

Social media is free advertising for you and your business. You can post links to your website. You might want to mention your business and services in Tweets. And you can link to articles you may have written or that may have been written about your business.

Join Local Societies

A great way to market yourself is to find out about any local clubs or societies in your area and join them. You may develop strong friends with a similar interest from these societies. There will also be opportunities to share your work and receive feedback from your peers.

You may even find that there are members of the club who have enjoyed success in your particular field. Getting pearls of wisdom from them could be invaluable. They may even still have important industry contacts they can put you in touch with.