Master The Art Of Online Presence With These 4 Tips

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been in business for years, it’s essential that you create an online presence. The internet has become an essential business tool, regardless of what kind of business you are in. If done successfully your marketing can reach millions of people globally. You could eventually sell your product or service on an international level. It can be difficult to know where to start. With countless social media platforms and website hosting sites, it can be an overwhelming task. Follows these six simple tip to create an online presence any business would be proud of.

Have a functional and professional looking website

This may seem like an obvious tip. But many businesses still don’t understand the importance of having a smart looking website. Would you be impressed if you were shown a shabby and tired looking business card? It’s highly doubtful. You should think of your website as a virtual business card. First impressions count for a lot when you’re trying to entice new business. Your website needs to be a clear representation of you and your business. Websites are the quickest and easiest way of customers seeing what you are all about. If it looks tired and is hard to function, potential customers will go elsewhere and consider you as unprofessional. Think of some of the most popular websites you use. They will all have simple layouts, high-quality images and easy navigation. This is exactly what you need to achieve with your own company’s website.

Use an easy to use a website builder or hire an expert to help you build your website. There are plenty of services out there who specialise in creating websites for all kinds of businesses. Graphic designers can create an entire marketing package for you. This can include logos, promotional materials and website designs. Remember that the more cohesion you have, the better. If you have something eye-catching and striking people are more likely to remember it. You can also hire a photographer to take photographs of your products. Clear images with a distinct look and feel will again make you appear more professional. Just because a website looks good doesn’t mean it is functional or easy to use. Always make this a priority. Customers will get frustrated if they cannot find what they are looking for. Again hire an expert or remove anything that makes your website appear cluttered.


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Make it easier to find your website

Just because you have a great looking website, does not mean you will have a high number of customers accessing it. You need to ensure your business website is a top result on popular search engines, such as Google. With millions of other businesses also using the internet to promote their business, your website can get buried and lost. If potential customers aren’t able to see your website when they run a search, they won’t know you exist. The answer is to get in touch with an SEO service. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a technique that can be applied to your site that allows it to achieve higher rankings on search engines. People are unlikely to sift through hundreds of pages of results and will often stick to the first few. The higher your ranking, the more likely you will appear on these first few pages. Outsourcing this service will ensure you gain more traffic and business coming through your website.

Make relevant posts on blogs and social media

Blogs and social media are additional extras that you should have running alongside your website. It’s important that once you have them set up, you keep them to a professional standard. Your business social media should be used just for business. Don’t include your family photographs or personal status updates unless they are relevant. Customers will get confused and frustrated by the lack of business related content. They will want to know the important details of your product or service and current promotions you have available. If you do this incorrectly, it will encourage people to unfollow you, meaning you lose business and money.

Your posts don’t have to be dull and boring. It’s ok to use light-hearted imagery from time to time. Try not to post anything that can influence a negative response from your customers, such as inappropriate images. Why not suggest alternative uses for your products? Or feature customer testimonials? Don’t fill up your feeds with countless irrelevant post that don’t benefit your company in some way. It will create an impression that you don’t care about your company. Also don’t post too often. A new Facebook status every five minutes is not necessary, and you could be putting your time to better use.


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Promote mobility within your company

Being able to contact your customers online will be a huge benefit to your online presence. If you currently find it difficult to stay in touch or maintain the online side of your work, you need to invest in some mobile devices. Tablets and phones are essential for keeping up to date when you aren’t at the office. Answering customers emails quickly and efficiently is vital to any business. Keeping your customers happy is highly beneficial. It can provide you with invaluable feedback and recommendations. You can do this through email or instant messenger. Having mobile devices can make it easy for you to respond in no time at all. Ensure that your mobile devices have the correct software installed. It will mean you can complete your business tasks without leaving your home. This can include updating your website and ordering products from your supplier. Don’t feel that you can only do work when you are at your work computer. Being mobile allows more productivity no matter where you are.

These four simple tips will help you create a more effective and beneficial online presence. There are a number of resources you can outsource to help you. Or you can even enrol on a computer course where you can learn more about this exciting process. The internet can open so many doors for your business. So don’t underestimate how effective it can be when used in the correct way.