Measuring Marketing Success: Traditional and Offline Metrics

The term metrics is often used for the digital marketer. Traditional and offline methods are becoming more widespread in the world of marketing. With this in mind, it’s time to start thinking about other ways that you can measure your success.

Traditionally, offline marketing has been difficult to gauge. The world of SEO has been easier to measure. Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Insights have made the world of marketing more comfortable. Little wonder people have discarded the roller banner and the leaflet in favour of more digital means.

But, before the dawn of Google and Facebook, marketers could still measure the success of the campaign. You don’t have to forgo offline methods forever. You certainly should omit them because you think you cannot measure and determine the success rate.

The internet has proven to be an advantage for marketers. But, it’s also made us lazy.

Here are some great ways that you can measure your offline marketing campaigns success.

Traditional Measures

In the good old days, before the internet, it was a much simpler time. Banner printing and business cards was the mainstay of marketing campaigns. Now, it seems that the only way to deploy a campaign is via the internet. Primarily, this is due to metrics. It’s easier to track the success rate of a campaign online. But, you can still measure the success of an offline marketing campaign too.


Paul Hudson

Landing Pages

Landing pages are vital for any successful offline marketing campaign that is deployed. By including the company website URL, you can ensure that you are driving traffic to your website in a natural way. Using leaflets and brochures is an excellent way to grab the attention of those in the local community. But, you don’t have to forgo your website in order to obtain custom. You need to include your website URL that has a particular landing page. It may differ slightly to that of your main page. This means that you can track and measure the success of the flyers and other offline materials that you have distributed.

Discount Codes

Everyone loves a bargain. Including a discount code on a promotional flyer is the perfect way to track the success of the offline campaign. Applying a discount code to a flyer is beneficial as you can see how many people are using the flyers and taking note of the flyer or brochure. This can be an effective strategy. Not only are you increasing leads and sales. But, you can also see who is taking notice of your offline material.

Traffic Comparison

Traffic comparison can be difficult. It is an arduous task. But, it will be worthwhile. Measure your web traffic prior to deploying an offline campaign. Once you have done this, make a note of how long your campaign will be ongoing. Within a month, check the metrics of your web traffic again. If it has risen significantly and you have no other campaigns in place, you will be able to see how your offline material has worked.

The road to offline success doesn’t have to be difficult. Use common sense tactics and strive for prosperity in the digital age.