Mind Blowing Ways To Improve Your Ecommerce Business

Could your eCommerce website do with a little more business? Of course, it could. There is not a company in the world that couldn’t do with more customers. The more customers you have, the more money your business will make. Improving your eCommerse site will mean that you have more customers and so more business. You may not know where to start when it comes to improving your site. For those of you who are not great with technology, you may feel like improving your site is a minefield. The worst thing you can do is dive into a project that you don’t understand and make your site worse than it was at the start. Getting more people to visit your site and buy products is easier than you think. Here are some mind-blowing ways to improve your eCommerce business today.

Add A ‘Suggested Products’ Function

When people buy products on your website, you can suggest other items that they may like. Many mainstream websites use this function to ‘up-sell’ products to customers. For example, when a customer is buying a pot of paint from your site, you can suggest that they also buy a paint brush. The function reminds users of the things that they might be forgetting to buy. Sometimes when customers are in a rush to buy certain things they forget other products that they need. A ‘suggested products’ function means that your site can look at what customers are buying. The function will then suggest similar products or accessories to your customers.

Invest In A Dedicated Delivery Fleet

Do you rely on a major delivery company to deliver your stock to clients? Whilst these services are reliable much of the time, there are times when it would be easier to have a dedicated delivery fleet. Invest some money in a fleet of bucket truck vehicles, so that you can always be sure your customers get their products. Doing so will mean that people will start to know you for your excellent services. You can also advertise your business on your trucks, meaning that more people see and recognise your branding.

Always Use Quality Imagery

Images sell products. If you remember that then, you will find the eCommerce industry easy. Make sure that you get quality images for your website that will attract people to your products. If you have taken a few quick snaps on your iPhone and uploaded them to your site then, the photography will be awful. Make sure that you get a proper photographer to take press images of the items that you are selling.


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Keep Descriptions Clear And Concise

Customers don’t have time to read long descriptions of products. All the customer wants to know is what the product does, if it is a quality product and how much it will cost them. Everything else is fluff and doesn’t need to be in the description. Keep descriptions to around 50-75 words and pinpoint the specifics of the product.

Install A Search Box Function

Users don’t have time to sit and browse your website for hours. The beauty of internet shopping is that it is quick and easy. You may have categories for the products that you sell online and, of course, this will help customers. You could improve your website with the addition of a search box. When a customer comes to your site looking for a particular product, they want to find it fast. Having a search box on your website means that they can type in the name of the product and find it straight away. Search boxes are easy to install on your website and doing so could win you much more business.