Modernize Your Customer Reception Area With These Brilliant Ideas

When you first go to visit a company, what is the first thing you see when you enter their premises? The reception area, of course! You might not think it, but people judge how professional a firm is by their reception.

If the visitor waiting area looks haphazard and unkempt, that could spell bad news. Especially if you have large account customers visiting your offices! That’s why it makes sense to modernize your reception area. Today’s practical guide will give you some pointers to help you get started:


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Make your reception light and airy

The colors that surround us have an impact on our moods. For example, dark colors might make us feel somber or depressed. Whereas lighter tones can lift our spirits and provide a calmer, relaxed environment.

With those facts in mind, you should make your reception area light and airy. The bonus of doing that is it makes small receptions appear bigger than they are! Another benefit is that white paint is cheap to buy. So you’ll cut down on your renovation costs as well.

Upgrade your furniture

Once you’ve painted your walls and ceilings, the next step is to get rid of those tired sofas! Replace them with sleek, modern ones. When your visitors are waiting for you, it’s crucial to make them feel comfortable.

I recommend trying out new sofas before you buy them. The last thing you want is to end up with something that’s uncomfortable! You should also ensure that they have some form of stain guard on them. You never know when someone will spill their coffee on your white sofas!

Add some AV

If someone has to wait to see you, it can be boring sitting at a reception area for an extended period. That’s why you should consider getting a television, and some cable TV installed.

The good news is that LCD TVs are cheap to buy these days. Cable TV packages are also affordable. Make sure you take a look at the Comcast package deals available in your area first. I recommend getting your TV, and set-top box mounted on a wall. That way, your reception area won’t look cluttered.

Have some refreshments available at all times

When you have a visitor at your premises, it’s customary to offer them a drink. Fresh filtered coffee always goes down a treat with people that come to see you. You could also offer tea, orange juice, and cold water as alternative drinks.

Do you want to impress your visitors even more? Here’s a neat yet effective trick: offer them some cookies baked the same day! If you have a visitor that’s in a bad mood, your cookies will make them feel less grumpy!

Set up a public Wi-Fi hotspot

There’s a good chance your visitors will use their smartphones while they’re waiting. Make their lives easier by offering Wi-Fi Internet access in your reception area. And make sure you provide a high-speed connection too!

Corporate visitors can then check their emails until you head over to greet them. Good luck!